Saturday, July 19, 2008

Talking today

Ron is actually able to carry on a conversation today. Not well, but he's talking. He still has some confusion and has trouble saying exactly what he's trying to say but it is getting better.

His potassium was down to 3.4 this morning, which is now a little bit below normal. His hemoglobin has gone up to 11.4, which is a bit low but better than the 9 and 10 he had been running. Not sure what his creatinine is now but I know that it's back within normal limits. The nephrologist was pleased with his blood work results and has stopped the Bumex and Insulin via IV. He's on a normal saline IV right now and that is all. That is a good thing.

Dr. Moussa also said that Ron cannot absolutely take Enalapril or Benicar any more. He was just started on the Benicar a couple of weeks ago and when his blood pressure went really low, I cut it back to once a day instead of twice a day. It dropped even farther so I called the cardiologist again and he stopped the Benicar and dropped the Enalapril down to once daily instead. Dr. Mousa says the Enalapril has got to go as he thinks it's the trigger for his kidney shut-down. He's in the hospital, they stop his meds and get him regulated, then he goes home and starts back on the meds and in six-eight weeks he's back in this shape.

Dr. Heady was in early this morning and said that he's afraid Ron's got another ulcer on the same heel. He thinks that while Ron was in his confused state he was not keeping his heel off of the bed and the floor. There was no evidence of an additional ulcer on Wednesday (I saw his foot) but yesterday when the wound care nurse changed the wound vac bandage, he said there was a very large blister that had popped on his foot. I saw the picture and it really looked like a big area was involved. This is very upsetting as the original wound was caused by a big blister and we've been since December 15th trying to get it to heal.

Dr. Heady will look at the foot on Monday when the wound vac dressing is changed (it's changed M-W-F).

Dr. Abbas, the neurologist, was in and very disappointed that Tall Grass had not sent over the CD with Ron's MRI on it. Now we have to wait until Monday because they're not open on the weekend.

Dr. Ward was in for Dr. Alvarado (who is off this weekend). She said that he was improving but he was in no shape to go home yet. Ron would like to go home but I told him that he had to be in a good enough condition that I could care for him. At this time, he is not and there is no way I could do it.

I'm afraid at this point that he's going to develop ulcers on his butt because he's so bony and having to sit/lie on his back so much. I don't know if he could be positioned on his side any or if that would be more uncomfortable for him. I know I don't want him moved from CCU until he's stable enough to help himself. The regular floor is so busy and short-handed that they can't often get in quickly to help him. He cannot help himself and I cannot be here every hour of the day and night.

He's very, very weak this time and sounds very weak when he talks. He wants to go home and, although not terribly depressed, he is concerned about what is going on and why he's not healing. He's worried about his foot, especially now that he might have another ulcer on it. He doesn't want to be sent to a rehab facility, which is not in the plans but he's still worried about it.

Prayers, as always, are greatly appreciated.

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