Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some better news today

Dr. Moussa was in this morning and said that Ron's potassium and creatinine were back to normal so he's going to OK him to be moved to a regular room. The only problem I have with that is that he'll be on the same floor where he got such poor care the last time he was here. But, on the plus side, I will be off work and at the hospital so I can run interference if I need to. I just can't put him on and off of the bedside commode so I will make sure the nurses are aware that it is a two person job. His nurse in CCU said he's her only patient so she's not in any hurry to get him moved and she's trying to hold out for a private room for him. He doesn't do well in semi-private rooms.

He still has a catheter so there's no problem there. They just have to empty it several times a day. I think he's lost about 20 pounds again - or close to it - bringing him down to about 250. He was 269 when he checked in on Thursday. Hospital diet... hmmm, no thanks - I'll continue to lose weight the old-fashioned way.

Ron is much stronger today and talking better. He has his sense of humor intact so that's nice. His right hand is drawing up a bit but I think his potassium must be on the low side now. He can straighten it back out and it's mostly his little finger so it sounds more like low magnesium or potassium.

Ron's nurse came back in and said she has him a private room on a different floor. What a relief! She's still not in any hurry to move him but said sometime today she'll get him up there. The room is reserved for him so they won't put anyone else in it, so that's good.

Dr. Ward (in again for Dr. Alvarado) increased his insulin so maybe his sugars will stay down a bit better. He's had some fairly high fasting sugars, and those right after meals, so increasing the insulin should help quite a bit.

Ron's had quite a few visitors so that's been nice. Haven't seen our boys up here though. That's not so nice. It is, after all, the weekend.

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