Monday, July 21, 2008

The man is driving me nuts!

Every meal of every day he asks if he can have something that he's already been told he can't have - fried Catfish, sausage, soup, cheese, potato chips, etc. I told him that trying to get the same thing every day wasn’t going to change the answer – NO. He said he's hoping someone will mess up and let him have what he's asking for. I asked him if he wanted some poor tech to get into trouble because he wouldn't cooperate and he said he did not.

A diet that’s restricted in sodium, potassium, and that follows diabetic guidelines is really difficult to figure out. Some things he could have on one diet he cannot have on another. If he tries to get enough carbs into a meal, it usually goes over in sodium and potassium.

I told him I am sorry that it’s so restrictive but not following dietary rules in the first place (when he was first diagnosed with diabetes) is what brought him to to where he is now. Fighting the sodium and potassium restrictions aren't fun but it's something he has to do if he plans on having any quality of life.

I told him tonight he was making life very difficult for me by being so uncooperative. I left early and left Keith with him.

I am sleep deprived.

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