Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pacemaker today and home tomorrow

Ron's heart rate keeps dropping into the 30's when he sleeps so the cardiologist asked for some more telemetry readings. He told Ron yesterday that he was looking at a pacemaker in the near future. Today, he decided that doing it now as opposed to later was a good idea.

Ron wasn't too keen on the idea as he's worried about introducing infection into the incision. I got online and looked up a bunch of things for him and I think he is more calm now. His big thing is that he slept just fine last night and his heart rate must not have changed because the nurses didn't come in and say anything.

The problem he has is it's an intermittent dropping of his rate - maybe tonight, maybe next week, or maybe every day. If it drops while he's asleep, and I'm asleep, it could cause a problem. I asked the cardiologist if he could have a heart attack because it dropped and he said that it was entirely possible.

I told Ron that I didn't want him to go through all of this and then go home and have a heart episode. No way... So, he agreed to do it today. I did say it was totally his decision and I would support whatever he wanted to do.

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