Wednesday, July 23, 2008

He's feeling better and itching to get out, but...

I tell ya, once he gets back on the main track he is a bear wanting to get out and go home. I told him yesterday that he could lay in this bed just as easily as he could lay in the bed at home. I'm still waiting on him, but at least he's also being monitored so that's nice.

Dr. Francisco says that he needs a pacemaker but we're not worried about it. It's a fairly uncomplicated procedure and neither of us are concerned about it at all. He wants to do one today or tomorrow but Ron would rather wait until next week. I don't know... It's tough because when his heart rate drops he has no symptoms so I am concerned. Ron's concerned about the germs in the hospital, opening him up, and the possibility of re-introducing bacteria into his system.

It is a toss-up. I told him that it was totally up to him. I'll go along with whatever he decides to do. I may not like it and I may not agree but it is his body and his choice. He said that last night no one came in and said that his heart rate had dropped and he feels better. During his sleep is when the heart rate plummets and since it's not consistent, it's hard to tell if this is going to be an ongoing problem or not. I just don't know.

Dr. Francisco's partner (Dr. Amirani) is who does the procedure and he'll be the one to come in tomorrow and discharge Ron. Dr. Francisco will be out of town but will see Ron in his office next week - either way.

Ron is worried that I'll be upset with him if he doesn't have the pacemaker put in today. I said I absolutely would not and that it is totally his choice. I know that he is apprehensive - not about the procedure but about the possible side-effects, i.e., more infection, longer time in the hospital, complications, etc.

This is a tough decision and I'll post an update later.

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