Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things to do while sitting in a hospital room...

1. Watch TV.
2. Drink bad coffee.
3. Surf the Internet.
4. Drink bad coffee.
5. Try to rest in a straight-back chair.
6. Play games on your laptop.
7. Drink more bad coffee.
8. Stare at the clock.
9. Watch HGTV.
10. Drink...yep...more bad coffee.

The past week has been a combination of the above - day in and day out. Thankfully, I got a recliner once Ron got transferred to a regular room. It's not great but a whole lot better than the straight chair I had before that.

When Ron was in the hospital in February, we signed up for "Senior Connection" which costs $25 annually. As a benefit of Senior Connection, he gets a private room upgrade at no additional cost (if a room is available), I get up to two snacks a day (the snacks could be 1/2 of a sandwich, some fruit, etc.), and then we have some other benefits that we could use. We've used the private room upgrade each time he's been in, which has saved us a lot of money. I think the difference between semi-private and private is around $50 per day. Multiply amount that times the number of days he's been in the hospital and it has really added up. Our insurance won't pay for a private room unless it's medically required that he have one (such as when he had MRSA).

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