Thursday, July 17, 2008

Amy and the Cherries

Have you ever wondered how cherries, added to cherry limeades, get their holes? No? I hadn’t either. Amy, on the other hand, has often wondered how the holes were always in the same place, always the same size, and didn’t go all the way through.
So, we were enjoying limeades the other day – mine was cranberry and hers was cherry. As she got to the end of her drink she asked me to look at the cherry because it didn’t look right. She didn’t want to eat a spoiled cherry.
I took a look and said it was just fine; that’s how they always look and once the pit is removed they all look odd.

First she was silent and then she started laughing. I realized she was laughing at herself so I asked her how she thought the pits were removed from cherries. She said she had never thought about it since she doesn’t eat fresh cherries. She really thought that the straw made the hole.

I asked her if it didn’t seem odd the hole was always there, in the same place, every time she had cherry limeade. Well, yes she had wondered but had never really thought about it. So I asked her if she’d ever heard of a cherry pitter. Nope – never had. She didn’t ever stop to think that cherries had pits.

Well, now she knows.

Silly girl.

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