Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day tomorrow!

I will be so thankful when this is over. I believe that no matter who wins tomorrow that God is still in charge and things will happen in His plans, not man's. I did vote for McCain. Not because he's Republican, or because he's got Palin on the ticket (that was almost enough to make me re-think things), but because he's a better choice than Obama.

I won't resort to any mud-slinging, as I think that does nothing to make Christians look better. I am concerned that people are voting for Obama for the wrong reason - solely because he's black. Well, he's also half white. Big deal. His race makes no difference to me. I also don't really care if he's Muslim or if he's not. I care *if* he is that he lied about it. (According to Islam, he is Muslim. According to him, he's a Christian. Only God knows for sure.)

I care that he went to a church for 20 years and never seemed to be bothered by the message the preacher was giving. I care that he was bothered after it was politically correct and not beforehand.

I care that he calls an American flag lapel pin "that pin" instead of what it is. Why is he concerned that "that pin" might be offensive to some? Big deal. It's a symbol of FREEDOM for many, many more. Who are we catering to?

I care that he wants to re-distribute the wealth. Is he going to re-distribute his? How about the amount of money he spends on sending his children to private schools? I have no problem with him sending them someplace other than the public school system, but what's OK for him should be OK for others. Why not provide vouchers so parents can send their children to the schools of their choice - be it public, private, Christian, or any other religion.

I care that he is thinks illegal aliens should be allowed to get drivers licenses and be given citizenship. Why? Did they earn it? No. Didn't everyone else who immigrated to this country have to earn their citizenship? Why shouldn't everyone else have to do it, too? After all, if he wants everything to be fairly distributed (wealth, taxes, etc), then citizenship should be granted to everyone the same way it's always been done. Earning it. That would make it fair.

I care that he appears to be endorsing voter fraud with his ACORN contacts and endorsement. Is he afraid that he can't win honestly?

I care that he's flying a Cuban flag at his campaign headquarters. Last time I checked, he was running for president of the US - not Cuba. What gives with that?

I care that he was in the Senate for 143 days (give or take a few) and announced that he was running for president. I don't know of any place of employment where you can expect to go to the top in 143 days. What makes him think he's qualified to be president?

I care that he has ties to people who have very questionable backgrounds including Rashid Khalidi and Williams Ayers, among others. I care that terrorist groups have given him backing. Hamas, Khadafi, and others.

I care that there is so much negative about him that people are overlooking.

I care that the smear campaigns that both sides conducted will have a negative impact overall, no matter which party wins. I see the possibility of a long struggle ahead for all of us.

I got a note from a friend who said she had received notifications from reliable sources that if Obama does not win the election there will be riots in several cities across the nation. No matter which party wins there should not be any rioting or bloodshed. It just reinforces the "racial" lines and distrust. What would happen if McCain lost and those who wanted him in office started riots? Not good. Not good. It just makes both sides look bad.

Thank God that He is still in charge!

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