Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I think it's working...

Ron has been on Aricept since last week and he seems to have a clearer mind, not struggling as much to carry on a conversation. Praise the Lord! That is really something to be happy about. He still forgets things and gets things confused, but he definitely seems to be getting better.

He remembered the name of our doctor's nurse, and it's not a name that would be very familiar to him because she's relatively new. He told me that she called yesterday, which is surprising on it's own (that he remembered someone called) and what her name is. I was pretty amazed.

He said tonight that he feels like he's thinking much clearer. That's a relief! He may be (finally) on the road to recovery. He sees the orthopedic doctor tomorrow. Our home health nurse said his foot looks much better. We're hopeful that the doctor will discontinue the wound vac. That would be very nice!

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