Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am rich!

All I have to do is claim my millions! It's amazing how I have managed to forget how many people I've dealt with in foreign countries, who are now holding my share of millions of USD.

A friend of mine wrote on her blog regarding this very issue (she must have dealt with some of the same people I did - and our paths didn't even cross) so I decided the next time I'm notified of my forgetfulness (or otherwise nearly illegal activity) I would also share my information. After all, you never know who else is forgetting to claim their millions in USD! Just trying to be helpful...

I am sure that Dr. Ephraim James (who, incidentally, has a email address - must be because he's working under cover and doesn't wish correspondence to his employer email to be tracked) will do his utmost to ensure the safe delivery of my funds. I only need to re-confirm my legal name, contact address, telephone numbers (including cell phone), age, and occupation. I greatly appreciate his warning to avoid business dealings with the people I've been doing business with, as this is an illegal activity and could be cause for prosecution.

I just need to send the required information and within 72 hours, I will have my Swifte ATM card. Of course, I can fully trust his statement, "This decision is binding in accordance with Article 356 Act of the laws establishing this supreme office."

I just hope the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) doesn't realize that I don't really have a contract there...

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