Saturday, October 24, 2009


It is the facade of life... The way to hide the truth. Inject a little humor into conversations and you leave people thinking what a great sense of humor you have.

Humor makes all of the day-to-day challenges more manageable. Without it, life would be totally depressing. Who really wants to hear "how you're doing" when they ask it. Most of the time, do they even wait for an answer. The pat answer of "I'm fine" covers all the bases and gets others off the hook to actually listen to you.

My new answer is "I'm good, thanks" and it has a double meaning. If all is well in my world, then I am definitely good. If not, I'm not doing anything "bad" behavior-wise, so "I'm good" is true in a behavioral sense. It takes care of everything.

I don't have to lie and say I'm fine, when I may not be, and you don't have to listen to something that doesn't interest you. Gets us both off the hook.

Aren't you glad I'm good?

1 comment:

Pat said...

You devil, you!

I'm glad you're "good", and have nothing to confess! (That's the Catholic in ME!) LOL!