Thursday, January 27, 2011

ANOTHER food post

But this one doesn't have a happy ending. I tried to set myself on fire tonight.

Not on purpose, but it happened and I am hurting.

I was fixing taco meat and when I picked up the pan with fluffy pot holders to drain the fat, one of the pot holders caught fire. I had my hand on a skillet with boiling hot hamburger grease in it and an on-fire pot holder trying to take off my fingers. Lucky for me, I have a really small space between the stove and the sink and I was able to get the pot to the sink and the fire put out.

I was already running hot water in the sink to wash down the residue I was draining off the hamburger, so I stuck the pot holders in the sink. Fortunately, I managed to keep from spilling the hamburger grease and hamburger down my legs.

Hand is not terrible burned but OUCH! it hurts!!!!!

I had Silvadene from when I dressed Ron's foot so I got some on there and wrapped up the fingers.

Typing is difficult.


Bouncin' Barb said...

Good Lord Teresa! Those poor fingers of yours. Between cracked skin and now burning them, they must be screaming at you. I hope the pain subsides quickly for you. It could seriously have been a lot worse like your whole hand and/or your forearm. Aloe helps burns too. Aloe plants!

Thisisme. said...

Oh Teresa, poor you! That must have been so painful, but thank heavens = it could have been a whole lot worse. Hope the pain goes away soon and take care!

caterpillar said...

Oh must have been quite bad...I hope you'll feel better soon

Marla said...

Holy Moly!! I am so glad you are ok. That Mexican food will get ya every time. :-)

Hope you are feeling better.