Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sweet Blog Award

I'm pretty excited... Got up this morning and, while reading my email, discovered a comment that made me smile (more than usual). It seems that I have been blessed with another blog award! This makes the third award I've gotten recently and I have to say, I'm really touched!

One of my new friends over at Jumble Mash gave me The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. Woo hoo!

I have to pass it onto three other bloggers that I think are sweet and list five guilty pleasures. I can do this!

1. (have to borrow this from JM) Chick Flicks. I love happy endings so would prefer to watch something relatively sappy than horror. Can't stand horror shows and have been known to leave the theater during stressful scenes. Heck, I leave the living room during stressful scenes!

2. Kahlua and Cream. Does that make me a bad person? Kahlua doesn't have to go in cream. It can go in coffee, over ice cream, in milk, etc. Is that better?

3. Buying scrapbook paper. That is a terribly selfish thing. But, in my defense, I usually give away everything that I make with it. Usually... sometimes I turn around and give the paper away.

4. Chocolate. Any way, shape,or form. Hot chocolate, dark chocolate (my favorite), chocolate chip cookies, chocolate fudge... OK, I think you get the message. I LOVE CHOCOLATE. This probably should be #1.

5. Spending time on the computer when I should be cleaning house. Since I don't have any small children at home, I guess I'm allowed this luxury. I'm within earshot (and sometimes within sight) of Ron so I'm available if and when he needs me.

Now, my recipients are...

Kristen over at Fine, How are You? I'm not sure how I found her blog, but she's always got something funny and interesting to say.

MW over at Green Girl in Wisconsin. Another absolutely sweet new friend. She's living in a house full of testosterone so her posts are always fun to read.

Silver over at Reflections. She recently left a comment for me on here and on Isaiah's blog. Not sure how she found me, but I'm glad that she did. I've enjoyed reading her blogs. She's got a killer recipe blog, too.

These are my three. I would give this award to all of my blogs because, let's face it... if they aren't sweet, I'm not sticking around in the first place. But, many of my favs are also favs of yours so I thought I'd add some new ones into the mix. Go check them out - you'll be glad that you did!

Have a blessed and safe weekend!


Pat said...

Hey - congrats on the award. And, being that I met you in person, I know for sure that you are one sweet person!

Bouncin' Barb said...

Now this award has gone to the right person! Congrats.

Thisisme said...

Well done on getting this Award, Teresa. It's a really cute one, isn't it?!

vaspillman said...

Congrats! and I must admit...the strawberries caught my attention! They look yummy! lol And, I are one sweet lady ")

Mynx said...

Congrats and very well deserved. Will have to suss out your blog choices

caterpillar said...

Must say....a very yummy looking award...and Congratulations on winning it..:)