Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Funkiness

Funkiness in not a bad way... Actually, it's been a pretty good Friday. It had the potential of being really, really bad but I think we've averted that issue.

With all the "house" paperwork, Ron was served with a notice that a judgment had been granted against him in the amount of $5,000 and some change in April 2008. When we got the notice (about three weeks ago), I jokingly asked him if there was something he wanted to 'fess up about. He had no clue, I had no clue. I called my paralegal sister and she had no clue what it could be from. April 2008 was not a good month for us but not because we'd received any civil action paperwork. It was one of those months that Ron nearly died in. (2008 is sort of a blur... It was a $250,000.00 year for us and not in a good way - our medical bills that year were in the tens of thousands for our portion.)

I'd never heard of the company and Ron had never heard of the company who had filed the claim. I called the clerk of the circuit court's office to ask about the paperwork and was told (after providing the case number) that the "Ron" in the case was served at a Best Western hotel in April 2008. I explained that it couldn't have been him because of him being either just in the hospital in kidney/heart failure or just out of the hospital from kidney/heart failure. She advised that I call the attorney for this company, so I did. I got no one but after several tries I did get an answering machine. Left a detailed message and considered it taken care of.

Not so fast... Last night at 9:30 PM our doorbell rings. Ron and I both thought Keith had ordered pizza so I go to the door in my jammies. Instead, it's a lady on the front porch with what I can see are legal papers. She asks for "Ronnie" and I ask her which one since "Ronald" is the legal name for both Ron and Keith. She said she assumes it's senior that she wants. I pointed to him in his recliner and asked what she wanted. She said she was there to serve papers to him - I asked about what and she advised that it was from the same company that I'd called their attorney about three weeks ago. We showed her Ron's driver's license. I told her that it wasn't us, the name wasn't the same (Ronnie D is not Ronald K); she said it could be a typo. I said that he was in the hospital dying at that time and there was no way he was at Best Western. She was nice but insistent that she was leaving the paper (of course, she wanted to get paid for delivering it). She recommended that I call the claimant this time instead of the lawyer. The paper was a summons to appear in court TODAY at 1:30 PM or be cited or arrested. (The thought of them trying to come arrest him and haul him out of the house in the condition he's in just sent his blood pressure skyrocketing. That is just what he needs - NOT!)

So, at 8:01 AM this morning, I called the company. Explained the situation to the lady who handles their legal things. The "Ronnie" they're looking for is/was a car dealer. She asked if Ron had ever sold cars (now, that is a laugh considering all the vehicles we've had over the years and the car mistakes he's made - and I've let him make) and I just laughed. I said no, that he retired from Boeing in 2008 and the only way they kept him on long enough to retire was so he could get his 30-year certificate. He only worked part of the first 6 weeks of the year and was off on total disability from February 18, 2008. I told her he was in the hospital six times in 2008 (and a total of 15 times since then - I may be off 1 or 2; I'd have to do a count). I told her I'd be happy to fax her some of our medical bills and such to prove my point. She laughed and said that she didn't think that would be necessary and that she would call the attorney and tell him they had the wrong guy.

Ya think???  Poor Ron... His blood pressure is still very high. He called his doctor again today so they're re-visiting what medications they want him to take. He's not "hospital high" but it's high.

Tonight is our company's end-of-season party. I'm going just because it's a free fun night. I'm planning on winning the grand prize tonight. I've told everyone that I'm coming home with it.

Y'all think positive vibes for me... Teresa's winning the grand prize, Teresa's winning the grand prize... OK???


Thisisme. said...

Do hope you won the Grand Prize Teresa - that would end the day nicely for you! I loved the little snowman you sent to Skippy by the way! What an absolutely shocking situation with the legal papers being served on poor Ron! Hope you get it all sorted out, so that you don't get any more stress about it all.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Fingers Crossed for you Teresa. Hope you win. And this story pisses me off because you have to spend all the time,stress and energy to fix it when it's not even your mistake. Grrrrr.

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

What the hell would have happened if you couldn't prove so easy that it wasn't your Ron they wanted the situation was stressful enough for both of you as it was. I hope you have heard the last of it and that Ron can get is health sorted out and settled down again. I am sending all my best wishes your way.

How did you go in regards to the Grand Prize did you manage to get it or not...

Pat said...

You would think that with such a legal document the lawyers would have the right person to start with! Duh!

Hope you walked off with the grand prize. YES?