Saturday, July 23, 2011

Better today

Ron is doing better and, as such, I am also relaxing a bit. He is getting around the place without too much trouble. Our son-in-law had to come rescue him yesterday morning (not too long after I left for work but I guess Ron didn't want to confess his mistake to me) because Ron had gotten wrapped up in the oxygen tubing and couldn't get untangled. He'd done exactly what I warned to not do. Drove right over the tubing and then tried to turn and/or back-up. Somehow, the tubing got wrapped up in the wheelchair wheels. Thankfully, Rex only works about five minutes from here.

I took Ron to the new doctor yesterday. He's a nice guy and was highly recommended by not only the attending physician at the hospital, but also Amy's obstetrician recommended him as her pediatrician. LOL - he's an internal medicine doctor and a pediatrician. Completed a residency in each specialty. Ron was impressed. Since Ron was impressed, I'm happy. It's important for him to be comfortable with a new doctor. We've seen Dr. A for over 10 years (actually, not sure - we moved to Derby in 1996 and not sure when we started seeing her). The new doctor (LOL - also Dr. A) went to medical school with her so he knew exactly where we were coming from. That means, she should know him and I don't think she would have given Ron the referral if she thought he wasn't the doctor for Ron. She knows Ron takes a lot of care and that he needs a doctor willing to put out the effort to take care of him.

On another note, I was going to cancel my surgery for the 2nd. I know... I worked really hard to get the referral and the approval and NOW I'd consider canceling? I'm sure that makes no sense. But, I was worried that I wouldn't feel like taking care of myself, let alone trying to take care of Ron. I'm not sure how I'll feel but knowing that I "might" not feel very good and still have to take care of Ron was enough to make me reconsider the timing of the surgery. Ron said absolutely not - he would not let me cancel. I'd worked too hard to get it approved and we've waited too long for me to get hearing restored to postpone it. He said he will be feeling much better by then and can take care of himself.

Plus, last night one of our neighbors came over and asked about when my surgery was and if the other residents of our six-plex could help us out after my surgery. She said they all wanted to pitch in if needed and do some little things that I might need. She offered to bring over some light meals so I don't have to cook the first couple of days. Rex said that he and Amy will also be available to help after work, so that's also nice. Amy is going to take me to the hospital and then mid-morning, Ron's friend Chuck will bring him down. That way, Ron doesn't have to sit for hours in the waiting room. Chuck will bring take us both back home once I'm discharged.

I was going to clean my house today, but I've just slummed around the whole day. Played a little bit on the computer, fixed us some biscuits for lunch, and ran the dishwasher. That's it. I need to clean up the play room and find a good place for the oxygen but I walked and promptly turned around and walked out. Keith said he'd come over tomorrow and help me put a couple of bookcases together, but they're not bought yet and I don't feel like going to the store. Maybe next weekend. Maybe not. hehehe!

I do have to sweep, mop, and dust tomorrow. Plus, do up the rest of the laundry. Maybe then I'll decide to go clean the play room.

I think I'll decide tomorrow.

After church.

And lunch.

And, maybe a nap.


Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Ok you feel you may not feel like doing much after the surgery but if you postpone it will there ever really be a better time. It is easy to think I will wait till.........but at some point it needs to be done and there may never be a better time so do it now not later now......

Thisisme. said...

Definitely after a nap my friend!! I am so glad that Ron is a bit better, which means that you can relax a bit as well. Oh Teresa, you MUST NOT put your surgery off . You put so much into it and if you were to cancel now, it might now go down too well. But the most important thing is you must have it done to, hopefully, make things easier for you. That was really nice that the neighbours offered to help you. You must let them. Sometimes it is difficult for us to accept help. Take care my friend.

orchid said...

Oh, I learned that Your husband Ron has pacemaker from your comment for thisisme. You must be a busy lady and I admire you handling your things you need to do.
Well, I'm not sure what surgery you were tlaking about yet, but would it be OK for you to postpone it?
Blessing to you☆☆☆
Lots of love and Hugs xoxo, Orchid.