Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finding Sarah

Now, I have nothing against the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson. In fact, I admired her gumption and spirit when she was part of the royal family. I did think she made some wickedly stupid decisions, but we all have our moments that we look back on and groan about. (Thank God mine were out of the public eye!) Being in the position that she was in, and is currently in, you’d think she would have had more common sense than that. You’d think.

I read that she didn’t even know how to use a microwave. Seriously? My youngest son figured out how to use one when he was three years old. And, he couldn’t even read. I would think that any adult who can read English (or, on the newer model microwaves, recognize pictures of foods) could safely operate a microwave oven. That’s what I get for thinking…

I have no issue with her out there finding herself. In fact, I’m probably even a little jealous. Come on – free counseling, support groups, adventures, etc. Sounds like something I could use.

But wait… I’m actually part of the “REAL” world and people like me deal with REAL issues. That’s not to say that her issues aren’t real, but I don’t think she’s in jeopardy (or has been in jeopardy) of being homeless, I don’t think she’s been without food, necessary medications or treatment, heat/air conditioning, etc. She may have had budget problems and money problems, but most of those were probably out of sheer lack of knowledge and not due to circumstances beyond her control. I don’t mean for that to sound judgmental, but just factual. I do read and although a lot of stuff published about anyone who is in the spotlight is just useless fodder, some of it has got to be true. (I missed the episode of her with Suze Orman but I caught the preview and it sort of substantiated some of this.)

With all the “reality” shows out there these days, it’s not hard to be jaded about “reality.” I don’t see the “Oprahs,” “Suzes,” or “Dr. Phils” of the world knocking on the doors of people dealing with issues out of their control. Most of the reality shows (that aren’t Survivor-type items) are about spoiled individuals trying to get their way in things (Snookie, Kardashians, etc), stay-at-home wives with nothing better to do than fight with each other, selling over-priced real estate, and more.

Where are the shows that deal with things like:
  • Waiting on disability payments to kick-in so you can buy groceries
  • Waiting on disability payments to be re-instated so you can keep a roof over your head
  • Keeping a job so you can pay your utilities
  • Cleaning up puddles of blood the size of bagels
  • Hauling wheelchairs in and out of vehicles not designed to haul wheelchairs (I’m talking heavy, electric wheelchairs)
  • Figuring out what to cut (and how to cut it) something essential from the budget to make room for something else essential
  • Trying to work full-time, take care of a home, and a disabled spouse/child/parent
  • Dealing with employers who expect nothing less than perfection and who can't/won't/don't understand that sometimes life gets in the way of the very best laid plans
  • The every day, day in and day out, reality that this is the best that you've got and that it's probably not going to get any better
  • And the multitude of other real issues that millions of people deal with day in and day out
If I sound a little jaded and over the top - well, that's probably 'cause I'm there. If I had the time, I'd like to go "find Sarah" myself. Enjoy a spot of tea, a chat, etc. Get out of my reality into someone else's.

I'm sure my reality is better than that of a lot of people and I'm trying to not complain, but this week has about gotten the best of me.

I still have one day left.



Mama Page said...

I can totally relate . . . I just opened my $250 electric bill. So now the "balance owed" on my level pay account is over $500. Add that to the "balance owed" on my level pay account for the gas bill and I'm pushing $850 in the hole so far this year. I wonder when they will say "time to settle up."

I'm exhausted.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Oh my I couldn't agree more I live in the real world and in order to be able to pay our bills I have to make payments off the electric bill and phone bill each week and of course then there is the rent and water and not to forget food which costs more and more every month.......Tim and I have always lived on a low income and I am just used to trying to make the money stretch

Bouncin' Barb said...

If I can add one more to your list it would be people without health insurance and what they go through when they need treatment/meds. Bravo on this post Teresa. I am right there with you. We can go visit and have tea together and then blast them!!!

Mama Page said...

I have health insurance and still can't afford the treatments and medications I need. It's very frustrating to know I need to go to the doctor but I can't afford the co-pay.

labbie1 said...

Amen!!! It's really hard to feel sorry for the spoiled rich kids! Sorry to hear about your week!