Saturday, July 16, 2011

New house, new community, new church, new hospital...

Yep - he just had to go check out the new facilities.

By ambulance, of course.

When I wasn't home from work, of course.

When I didn't even have my own car at work, of course.

Fortunately for me, Rex had just returned home from his business trip and was able to come to work and pick Amy and Isaiah up (Amy and I carpool - and Isaiah's summer care is right next door to where we work). I hadn't taken my car yesterday because I was going to dinner with Amy and her BFF from grade school so we were actually just sort of dawdling to kill a little bit of time before we met up at Olive Garden.

I tell you, the ambulance service in this community is stellar! Ron called me at 4:46 pm and I told him to dial 911 from the house phone. At 5:06 pm he called me back to ask what hospital because they were already ready to roll. That is service!

The hospital is small - one floor - but the ER staff some of the friendliest hospital medical professionals I've ever met (and, trust me, I've met a bunch over the past five years). The ER doctor was very nice, listened, and examined thoroughly. Although he was busy (that place was hopping) he never gave the impression that he was frazzled or too busy to listen to what we said.

After being poked and prodded, x-rayed, and blood drawn more than once, they decided to keep him. His oxygen level was 63% in the ambulance and at the hospital never did get over 95%. They tried 2-3 times to take him off oxygen and (on the monitor) it went down to 85% so they put it back on. After he came back from the second set of x-rays, the gal forgot to hook him back up to the wall oxygen and the tank under the bed ran out. I didn't know that until he started breathing hard again and since they hadn't hooked him back up to the monitors, the nursing staff didn't either. They thought he was headed to his room so hadn't hooked him up. I went out and asked if he was supposed to be on oxygen because he wasn't getting any (I pulled the cannula from his nose and felt for air coming out; there was none). The nurse came back in and hooked him back up to things and his oxygen level was 71%. Nice... They were super busy (lots of emergencies) but someone should have realized they didn't see any stats coming across the screen for him.

He finally got to a room after 11:00pm. I wanted to leave but I knew the floor nurse would have questions that he would have problems answering so I stayed. I think I got home and in bed about 1:00 am. Then, I was awake by 7:40 am. I am bushed but will be heading back out in about 30 min or so. I'm glad it's not too far away so I can come back during the day to let Maisey out. She misses Ron and gets very agitated when he's not here..

Oh... not sure what's wrong but they think it's CHF acting up. They gave him and injection of Lasix and the fluid started draining off.

I knew he was full of p**s and vinegar.


colenic said...

hugs to you....I will be sending out wishes for a speedy recovery for both of ya!!

Pat said...

At least the hospital is close to you. Take it easy and I hope Ron gets well soon.

Bouncin' Barb said...

I'm very familiar with that from my father. It's scary. Please keep us posted and give Ron our best wishes. Sending you huge hugs (((HUGS))) for yourself.

Thisisme. said...

Wishing Ron a speedy recovery, so that he can soon be home again. Thank goodness that the hospital is close by. You must have been very tired my friend. Take care and try to get some rest when you can. Hugs to you.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Hope you get some rest! Glad that you got good service and they took good care of him. Just remember to take good care of you!

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

I am sending hugs and well wishes your way and I am hoping you are getting some well deserved rest. I hope Ron is doing better now.

labbie1 said...

What a night!

How can it be that just sitting in a hospital can be so exhausting.

Spent a lot of time there myself, much of it dealing with hubby and dad's CHF.

Take care of yourself. You can be of no help to anyone if you are down!!!!

Hugs and prayers...