Friday, July 1, 2011

EcoStore USA Product Review

I've used both of my EcoStore USA products for a full week now. At first glance, I wasn't sure if I was going to like them better than my current products or not. But, I wanted to make sure that I gave them each a fair trial.

They passed. They not only passed, they passed with flying colors!

Coconut and Vanilla Body Wash:

I have very dry skin and we have very hard water. Once I shower, I then have to put lotion on my arms and legs or they get very flaky as the day progresses. I have tried many different products, some with better results than others. Currently, I have been using Melaleuca Renew Intensive Dry Skin Therapy body wash. It is nice, produces great lather, and does not leave my skin looking dry 30 minutes later. The Renew is more expensive than the EcoStore body wash, but is also a thicker gel than the EcoStore. Because of the hard water, I use a bath "pouf" made of netting to get a good lather. The first time I used the Coconut and Vanilla, I was surprised at the consistency. But, it produced a very nice, creamy lather. I was thrilled when my skin did not dry up like a prune during the day. I would give this body wash an A+ for value but only a B for consistency. I like something a little thicker.

Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

I've used Melaleuca's dishwasher detergent for several years. I started using it because the dishwasher I owned required a liquid and because it's made with eco-friendly ingredients. Now that we've moved, I have an older dishwasher that will take powder or liquid. The biggest drawback over this dishwasher is that it does not have a dispenser for Jet-Dry or anything for hard water deposits. So, I add a product to the wash dispenser to help with that. I've had to add it while using the Melaleuca but I wanted to see how the EcoStore detergent fared without it. Not bad, but not great. There were a few items that were not as clean-looking as I wanted them to be. They didn't have food residue, but they did not look spotless. The next night, I added the additive to the other dispenser and the only thing that didn't come clean was something I put in on purpose to see how it would do. (It didn't come clean with Melaleuca, either.) I've washed pans, cereal bowls, plates, glasses, and coffee cups. Coffee residue has been the most resistant to coming off, but that is pretty standard for most dish washing detergent that I've used. Coffee stains are just tough.

All in all, I really believe these products are very quality for the money and do a great job. I can see me trying other products from this store.

I would feel comfortable recommending these items to anyone.


Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Well it is good to hear that you find the products doing a good job, I am a body wash person prefer it over soap which is why hubby is often complaining that I have not bought soap since I do not use it I do not know when we are running low......I have never seen a dishwasher that takes liquid I use dishwasher tablets.

Silver Strands said...

Good to know, Teresa ... Someday, though, I want to be making my own soap. I'm not a pioneer-ish woman, really, but I do like knowing what's in all of my products. I make my own cleaning spray with essential oils, and it makes me feel good knowing exactly what I'm using. Till I learn about soapmaking though - I think I'll believe you and try this out!

Bouncin' Barb said...

I too have really dry skin. Try this trick. Take a shower. Before getting out of the shower while you are still wet, take lavendar baby oil and rub it all over your body. Then dry off. You can wash your towels if you're worried about the oil but honestly I have no problem. It just absorbs right into moist skin. It makes my skin feel so good. And it's cheap!