Friday, October 7, 2011

It's official...

I'm sick. Went from feeling perfectly fine Wednesday to feeling like death warmed over today. Colored stuff that is well... it is what it is...Headache behind my eyes. Sinus pressure. Not fun. I just hate being sick. I'm sure that no one exactly enjoys it, but I don't even welcome it so I can rest. LOL - resting is the hardest thing to do when I've got a sinus infection. Lie down, head clogs up. I'm getting quite adept at the saline sinus washes. Don't like them but they do help.

On another note, thank you all for the sweet comments you left on yesterday's post. I was really just feeling awful. I still feel awful but in a better frame of mind.

Ron saw the orthopedic specialist today. The osteoarthritis in his knee is much worse than it was last time he was x-rayed. The only "fix" is to have a total knee replacement, so that is scheduled for Monday, October 24, 2011. He will have a pre-op physical next week with an EKG, chest x-ray, blood work, etc. just to get the all clear. The surgery will be done with a spinal and local anesthetic - no general anesthesia, which is good for Ron. After the surgery, he'll be in the hospital 4-5 days and then transfer to rehab for a bit. The doctor is an experienced, no sugar-coating kind of guy. Said there are risks with Ron's overall health but the surgery is the only option he has at this point unless he wants to become totally wheelchair bound. Once the surgery is over, he'll have to work on building his muscle and strength back up. No magic there - they can take away the pain but he's got to do the work.

He says he will. I can only trust that he means it. I know that pain holds him back so we will wait and see.


Thisisme. said...

Hi Teresa. That's miserable, especially when the sinuses are affected like that. Do hope you will feel better over the weekend. Well, I guess that's something positive that Ron has quite an early date to have his knee operation. I do pray that things will improve for him once he's recovered from the op, and that he will also be in less pain. Please take care my friend. Hugs to you.

SkippyMom said...

Fingers crossed that this works and he does what is needed so he won't be completely wheelchair bound. And like This said - that is fabulous that he is getting it so soon.

Will be thinking of you guys. Have a good weekend. Feel better soon.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

I hope you are feeling better by the time you get to read this,sinus problems suck heaps........I hope all goes well with Ron's knee opp I have arthits in my knees and expect one day to have to have a knee replacement.

orchid said...

Dear my Teresa,
Well, I hope your sinuses condition got better by now!!!
I DO hope the Ron's coming operation will give both of you easier days. My fingers are crossed as well.
The bone thing gives me scare as you may remember my osteoporosis.
Feeling OK? Sorry for my belated comment.
Always your Japanese friend, Orchid*

Bouncin' Barb said...

I'm a tad behind on reading so I'm glad you're feeling better. If this surgery will help Ron that's great. Hope he does well with healing and strengthening up. It could make a huge difference. The other plus is that you will have a break for a bit while he recuperates so you can get some rest for yourself too. My last company also did things like that for us too. They treated us well before they sold off to India!! Hugs.