Thursday, October 20, 2011

Truth Is Thursday

I have better things to write this Thursday...

Truth is... I have so much to do at work that I have to remind myself to go to the bathroom.

Truth is... I don't have time to eat a meal, either. I eat my lunch in pieces throughout the day.

Truth is... This will go on through the month of November and then slow down (I hope).

Truth is.... I worked on one chapter - that is ONE chapter - today for FIVE hours (yes, 5) getting the pagination to be correct. For any of you out there who might know what MadCap Flare is, you'll appreciate how much trouble that was. We have one source file and four different target outputs. When you paginate one, it could mess with another. It was a pain in the royal behind.

Truth is... Ron is looking forward to his surgery.

Truth is... I'm not so sure I am.

Truth is... I am looking forward to the finished results.

Truth is... Had a great time last weekend with friends.

Truth is... Looking forward to this weekend. I have cards to make for an order.

Truth is... I'll be posting pictures. Hehehe! I'm such a braggart.

Truth is... I am behind on card making. Need to get going for fall and Christmas cards and orders (which I hope I get).

Truth is... I decided that I'm not making my co-workers anything for Christmas this year. Just decided that I'm not doing it.

Truth is... Would you like to know how Ron got himself into this position?

Truth is... He fell in the bathroom AGAIN. We couldn't get him up from in there so he's in the process of crawling to the living room so he can get up into his chair.

Truth is... Crap. What's next? Luckily, he did not cut anything this time.


SkippyMom said...

Truth is. . .you send awesome emails and I love you!

And I wish Ron could figure out how to keep from falling. That just can't be unpainful. Poor soul.

Can't wait to see all the new cards. And it isn't bragging when you have the talent you do! It is promoting your awesome business.

Are you sure you just don't want to give all your coworkers crunchy fruits & veggie baskets? giggggling

orchid said...

Hello, Dearest Teresa.
It must be hard for Ron to fall!!! Truly hope there may be good way not to... Yes, really slippery in the bath room. My hubby don't get into tub only shower; must be hard to get in and out for him.
Card making will be FUN, good luck ♬♬♬
Haha, I cannot understand "MadCap Flare" thing. No need for me, too technical(^^;)
Hope you TWO have a LOVELY weekend, xoxo Orchid*

Thisisme. said...

Poor Ron, falling again like that. Thank goodness he wasn't really hurt this time. Hope you get round to starting on your cards this weekend - time is starting to run out. Hee Hee! Take care my friend, and I hope you manage to have a relaxing weekend after all the hurly burly of work.

Pat said...

I think you need to LEAVE YOUR DESK, even for 10 minutes, and eat your lunch. TAKE A BREAK. It will do you good and IT IS A LAW. Okay.

Did you sneak off that photo of Ron on the floor or did he want to kill you when you said, "Wait! let me get a photo for my blog?" Ha ha

I don't mean it's funny that he fell! I mean it's funny that you posted a photo! I'm always telling Jim to do something stupid so I could write about it on the blog! Wait that came out wrong, too. Maybe I should just stop typing!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Poor Ron!
Yay for new cards!
Truth is, I hope your days stay sunny there!

kneesandpaws said...

Hi Teresa! It was great reading your post today. I'm glad things seem a little more positive but please don't overwork yourself! Thanks also for friending me on fb:) I'm sometimes more available there than here. take care!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Truth is ... I am thinking of you and wishing a happy productive weekend for you! Tell Ron that I resorted to crawling when I broke my foot and was on crutches. It was easier ..... until I discovered my son's skateboard! I took a seat on it and rolled around. I was smaller then, never mind!