Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday's activities

Today has passed very quickly! I slept in until about 8:00, which felt good! I took Maisey to her "beauty shop" for her monthly bath, pedicure, and haircut. I went to Sonic and got Ron his favorite breakfast - a single hamburger with mustard and a diet limeade, extra lime and 1/2 soda 1/2 soda water. Yeah... not my thing. If I'm buying soda, I don't want it diluted with the carbonated water. But he says it cuts down on the sweetness of it. I don't drink much soda but when I do, I want the real thing. I had coffee (which I didn't finish so I saved it and reheated it in the microwave; I'm still not done with it).

Last night was the high school's homecoming parade and game (they won) and today the town had a little street fair. Instead of "homecoming," they call it "coming home." Not sure why, but they do. There were little booths for the kids, some vendor food, and a bounce house. The local businesses had set up outside of their buildings and had little trinkets to give away. One business owner had a game based on "Plinko" from Wheel of Fortune. She had just finished setting it up as we were walking by so she asked Isaiah if he wanted to play it. He wanted to go to the bounce house so he said no thanks. We talked him into playing and he won a 50-cent piece. The slots were prize, candy, prize, candy, $$, candy, prize, candy, prize. His washer dropped into the only $$ marker on the board. He was pretty excited. We did all the booths and headed out, passing the Plinko board again. She let him play again and he won another 50-cent piece!

After that, we went to a local "Barn Sale," which was really an outdoor craft show. I have a friend who does beautiful custom jewelry and I knew she'd be there. Our groomer told me about one of her clients who makes baby things with that really soft, silky/furry material. She had some beautiful stuff and Amy was torn between a blanket with butterflies in the pink/brown/lime green colors that she loves and one that was black/white Zebra stripes and trimmed/backed by hot pink. They were just beautiful and only $30 each. She had sleep sacks ($28), 12" square "blankies" for toddlers that have tags sewn in them to play with ($15), toddler girl dresses ($15 and beautiful), and a few other things. Amy took her card for when she decides which blanket she wants. I bought two little hand-crocheted caps for Anna for $4 each.

After that, Amy, Rex, and Isaiah headed out and I walked around some more. One of the local Mennonite church youth groups was selling lunch so I decided to eat. For $6.00, I got a grilled hamburger, chips, soda, and a piece of pie. It was really delicious.

From there, I had to go pick up Maisey from the groomer and then I came home.

Now, the day is almost over and I'm just chillin'. Going to go clean up my playroom and maybe make some cards.

Or, not. LOL! Sitting here with my feet up feels pretty good. But, I really do want to get started on my cards.


Kristen said...

Sounds like a great day!! It is VERY cold and rainy here today so we stayed in. I cleaned the house, colored my hair and tonight we are going to play cards, watch movies and stay up late. Tomorrow, I can relax knowing my house is clean. That makes me happy!

Pat said...

Sounds like a fun time! Yeah for Isaaih for winning! I like the idea of "Coming Home" instead of "Homecoming". Sounds nice.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

You had a good day by the sound of it I have also had a pretty good weekend.

orchid said...

Hi,Dear Teresa.
Street fair sounds really enjoyable, happy for Isaiah to be able to have such a lucky day!!!
And Barn Sale, as I told you not having these in Japan; I wish I could browse and have fun with you♬♬♬
Hope you are having wonderful Sunday, my friend.
Hugs to you, Orchid*

Thisisme. said...

Hi Teresa. Sounds as if you had a really lovely day, and I'm so glad for you! I love those Barn Sales and all those baby things sound lovely. Decisions, decisions!! Pleased that Isaiah was a lucky little boy!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your town makes a big deal about homecoming from the sounds of it--what a fun weekend. And lucky Isaiah!