Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I decided I was going to use this blog as a resource to tell my kids about my childhood. I don't remember anything earlier than about four or five - not sure exactly. Not all of my memories are good and not all of my experiences are good, but they're not all bad, either.

Topics of future posts:

Coming home from school in 1st grade and finding a baby bed in the middle of the living room floor – with a baby inside (Michelle) – but no memory of my mom being gone to the hospital to have a baby.
Watching the Wizard of Oz for the first time.
Riding the train to PA.
Sleeping in a hotel room in Chicago.
New Barbie for Christmas when I was seven (I still have it, too).
Going Trick or Treat.
Chocolate cake, chocolate icing, and covered with coconut.
Kris “showing up” at our house.
Moving to a "new" house.
Rickety back door that rattled every time the wind blew.
Granddaddy long leg spiders on the back porch.
2nd bathroom was an outhouse.
First day of school at the new school.
Getting lost on the walk home from the bus stop.
One room school house.
Goldie Cox.
Rocking Kris in the rocking chair and my cousin, Glenda Jo, panicking because she thought I was going to drop her. I might have. I was eight; she was a newborn.
Wrapping a comb up in my hair to see what I looked like with bangs.
Kathy and I going sledding down the street in the middle of the night.
Stealing corn on the cob from a field in PA. (I didn't steal it; I was just with the people who did and I helped eat it. It was good.)
Getting my hair permed for the musical Guys and Dolls.
The neighbor kids coming in and eating our food when we were gone.
Roller coaster ride in Bowling Green KY.
Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN.
Seven mile bridge heading toward Key West.
Going to New England Oyster House for 16th birthday.
Kathy coming back from Europe.
Big family cook-outs.
Big Christmas celebrations.
First microwave.
Incredible Edible machine.
Growing up in Gragg Acres.
Easter Sundays.
The big tree.
Sleeping on the floor of the van when my dad would drive to PA (or TN) for vacation.
Breaking my shoulder.
Reading 50 books in nine weeks as part of a school challenge.
Being "left in charge" of Jerry, Michelle, and Kris when my parents went out of town.
Paying them an allowance so they'd do their chores - so I didn't have to do them after I got home from work.

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