Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Re-reading some posts

Sometimes I go back and re-read things I've written - especially the things that I know I wrote when I was upset. LOL - there are times I look at it and think, "I wrote that???" Other times, I find typos. Just like everyone else, when I'm typing my mind "sees" what I think I'm writing, but my fingers actually "see" something else on the keyboard. Or, my keyboard doesn't keep up with my fingers and I leave letters out. I need a new keyboard, but I really like the extra function keys on this one so I hesitate to change. The one thing I dislike the most about this keyboard is that it's loud and sometimes the keys stick. (OK - so that's two things but I did try to lump them together into one. I'm pretty OC about the darn thing, though. It's not dirty so that's not why the keys stick.)

There are some posts that I've totally re-written and others that I've removed entirely. Not because I care that someone reads them, but mostly because I realized I was either being unfair or the situation really didn't fit the post. Other times, I've added additional things to the existing text to make it clearer.

Ron doesn't read my blog but I know my kids do. Sometimes my posts are directed at them and other times I want them to know that I'm just venting and I don't expect or want anything from them. But, when I'm upset with them, there is no doubt in their minds that I am. I tell Ron a lot of the things that I write, but I leave out the fears and my concerns. He doesn't need to have those items on his mind all day when he has nothing else he can do except worry, and I know he does enough of that already. We usually talk about the stuff that's on my mind anyway - we just may not talk about them until a future date, and that's OK. That gives me time to re-formulate my thoughts and address them in a way that's not attacking.

That's the goal anyway. Sometimes I make it and sometimes I don't.

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