Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kyrie Foundation

I went to a fundraising scrapbook crop today. The Kyrie Foundation was formed in the loving memory of Kyrie Dawn Thome who was diagnosed with, and died from, a brain cancer in just a few short weeks. Her family has set up a non-profit organization to help raise money and awareness about brain cancers. Please check out Kyrie's blog - Watch her memorial video. If you can, donate to the cause to help fund the research for brain cancer treatment.

On a pleasant note, the crop was loads of fun and great for relaxation. The good Lord knows I needed it. Keith came over to babysit Ron and Isaiah today. Amy and I both went and we had a great time. We each won a door prize and then we won a couple of silent auctions with tons of great scrapbook stuff, which we split. The crop was from 9:00 until 9:00. We were late (of course) and then went to Home Depot to get chair cushions. Once we saw the metal folding chairs we knew we'd be in trouble without cushions. LOL, I was in trouble WITH the cushions! But, there was a chair massage available for a donation to the foundation. I got two massages. By late evening my upper back was screaming in misery!

I did get a lot of pages done for Keith's album. Amy got a lot done for hers and for Isaiah's. It was a great day of relaxation.

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