Saturday, April 4, 2009

Injection is no help

Well, Ron says the injection he got for his knee on Wednesday is not helping. That's too bad as I was really hoping that it would give him some relief. I'm not sure what our next course of action will be but he doesn't even see the doctor again until May 11. That's a bummer. If they decide to do surgery, that would mean he'll be out of commission all of June as it would take a little while for them to decide and get it scheduled. That might really mess with any summer plans that we may want to make. {sigh} I don't think we can win for losing.

On another note, we go Monday morning to have the new Bi-PAP machine set up for him. I am a bit nervous about how much out-of-pocket that will be as those units are quite high. The CPAP machine he's got is old and just is not giving him the results he needs. This should help him a lot and if it does, it will be worth every bit.

I decided I needed some get-a-way time so I'm going to an all day scrapbook "crop" later this month. It's to raise money for children's cancer research and there will be a lot of good prizes, so I'm going to go and enjoy myself. I have several projects I need to work on and if I can get organized between now and then, it will be a productive day. Amy's decided to go also. Not sure who is watching Isaiah that day, though.

I got Ron a new telephone system today. It's the Verizon Hub. The monthly charge will end up being slightly less than what we're currently paying for home telephone service. The system features are the reasons I was sold on this. They're all very easy for him to work and because he can use a stylus on the touch screen, he will be able to do so many more things. He can even send text messages to my cell phone by typing the message directly onto the touch pad. You can check the system out here and see for yourself all the cool features. It was very easy to set up and I'm very impressed with the features and functions.

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