Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I was blog-hopping today and came across this "I AM" statement list. I liked it so well that I decided I had to blog-lift it. I got it from Donna at and told her that I'd be "borrowing" it from her. Hers was interesting and some of my responses are similar to hers. Once you leave mine, go ahead and hop on over to hers and see what she has to say.

I AM: Teresa, Mom, Grandma, T
I THINK: too much
I KNOW: how to sacrifice and to be a friend
I WANT: to be a better person, Christian, wife, mother, friend
I HAVE: everything I need
I DISLIKE: dishonesty, prejudice, laziness
I MISS: family members and friends who are no longer with us
I FEAR: snakes and spiders and confined spaces
I FEEL: deeply
I HEAR: the TV and my husband
I SMELL: nothing
I CRAVE: consistency, stability, and a year without major medical problems
I USUALLY: make lists, re-do them, and then do them again
I SEARCH: for how I could do things differently and make things better
I WONDER: whether my DIL will have a boy or a girl
I REGRET: not joining the military in 1976
I LOVE: my family and friends
I CARE: deeply
I ALWAYS: want to be a positive influence on others and to project a positive attitude
I WORRY: about my mom and my husband
I REMEMBER: the good in all instances
I HAVE: more patience for others than I do for myself
I DANCE: when I’m cutting up with Isaiah
I SING: when I think no one is listening
I DON'T ALWAYS: manage to stay cheerful
I ARGUE: when needed to defend someone (not always myself)
I WRITE: because it helps relax me
I LOSE: perspective with momentum and then beat myself up over it
I WISH: I could lose 30 pounds and not need diabetes medication
I LISTEN: to hear the voice of God
I DON'T UNDERSTAND: why people can’t get along
I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND: at work or sitting in the living room/bedroom with my hubby
I AM SCARED: of drowning and being confined
I NEED: my alone time to recharge
I FORGET: what it was like before Isaiah came to live with us
I AM HAPPY: the majority of the time
I DREAM: of being chosen for a makeover – for me and for the house (I know, that’s a cheesy dream, but it’s great relaxation and often recharges me for another day – and sometimes gives me ideas on how to make the house more user-friendly for hubby.)


Kathy said...

Just wanted to hop over and say hello and thank you for stopping by my blog, FourDogDay today. Wow, I love that list and we have a few things in common. I just might lift it from you and keep it going on my blog....although I think I told someone that I would tell everyone what is in my purse.....Hmmmmm...though choice and both require some honesty. :)

Have an awesome evening and I will be back to visit again!


Rae said...

I love your list. You are a sensitive and caring soul. I like your honesty and ability to share your feelings.