Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome to Dell Technical Support Chat!

Agent: "Welcome to Dell's Technical Support Chat! My name is XXXX. I apologize that you had to wait to reach us since we are experiencing high volume today. However, not delaying it further, please let me know how I may help you?"

Me: "I actually was on the phone earlier - after 14 minute wait - and the guy disconnected me. I have been on hold - again - for over 10 min and you got lucky and got me first"

Me: "i have a problem with the 8-in-1 media reader slot"

Me: "it should be spring loaded to pop the blank in/out and my SD card in/out. but it is not. the card gets stuck in - in fact, the blank was stuck in there first and i had to use tweezers to pull it out"

Agent: "I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you due to the disconnect and assure you that I would try to assist you in the best possible way regarding the issue that you are facing with the media card reader on your system."

Me: (after 2-3 minutes with nothing happening) "OK, how can you help?"

Me: "the system is new; delivered only a couple of weeks ago"

Me: "i have another dell studio 17 so i know how it is supposed to work."

Agent: "Teresa, you are using Studio 1749 with windows 7 as an operating system on it. Am i correct?"

Me: "yes"

Agent: "I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you due to the card reader and assure you that we would try to resolve the issue quickly."

Agent: "Thank you for the information."

Agent: "Teresa, XXX-XXX-XXXX, is this the correct number to contact you back in 30-60 minutes in case the chat gets disconnected while troubleshooting?"

Me: "yes"

Agent: "Thank you. Teresa, do you see any button on the media card reader of your system which could be pressed to take the card out of the slot?"

Me: "no, you push the blank in and it is spring-loaded - it pops out. you insert your card until it locks into place; when finished, push in gently - it pops out"

Me: "my other dell - service tag XXXXXXX- is just like it - except it actually works"

Agent: "Okay. Thank you for the information."

Agent: "Teresa, does the memory card work fine and read in the system correctly?"

Me: "it does"

Me: "it's not my memory card"

Me: "it is the card reader."

Me: "it is broken"

Me: "it does not function as it should"

Me: "or, tweezers should have been a part of the "peripherals" that came with it"

Guess you could say that I was a little bit frustrated with my laptop.

But, the guy did end up helping me, he's referring the trouble call to a technician who should be calling me in the next day or so to set up an appointment to come fix the card reader. LOL - then he called me on the phone and tried to sell me another extended warranty. Half-price. What a steal...


Pat said...

That's what pisses me off! Here you are calling about a problem and then they try to sell you something! The same thing happened to my friend - I was trying to help her so we were both on the phone together at her house. Boy that made me mad!

Kristen said...

Deep Breaths - Breathe in, Breathe out. He was just bummed you knew more than he does! ;)