Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 04: A habit I wish I didn't have

Oh. My. Goodness.  I have LOTS of bad habits. How can I pick just one...

I worry and I over-analyze things. That may not be so much of a habit as a trait, but it's part of my make-up. I don't worry constantly, or over the minutia of life, but I worry about long-term stuff, the "what if" stuff (and I have various scenarios that play out), and I worry about stuff that happened in the past (that I can't seem to let go of) that may affect future items.

"Like what?" you might ask. For instance, I was using a special keyboard at work (one that I purchased) that was ergonomic in design. The keys were not quiet - just normal sounding. I type really fast. Fast typists are sometimes louder than slow typists. My immediate supervisor sent me a note and asked, "Do you have to use that keyboard? When I'm on the phone people can hear you type." It made me very self-conscious so now when I type (still - three years later), I try to take into consideration if she's on the phone or not. It doesn't matter that I hear her type or other people around me (we work in a cube environment - it's going to happen), I don't want to disturb them. Typing is our job; we write help files and documentation so others are going to be hearing keyboards clicking away. I've replaced my keyboard so it's quieter but my hands are less happy about it. (She's also said things to me like "I hear you type on IM.")

Another co-worker doesn't like to hear the sound of people eating apples. So, I only eat an apple when she's away from her desk. Since I only hear out of one ear, I try especially hard to be very conscious of the sounds I make so I don't disturb someone else. It's very hard to do and I sometimes dwell too much on  it.

I've been told I worry too much about Ron. But, I really don't think that it's too much as it's day-to-day life that we deal with. His son took him again Friday for another leg adjustment, so that was a big help. He said he thinks the injections are helping in his left knee. We found an older exercise machine that we think he can use, so I bought it. I couldn't really afford it but how could I afford "not" to buy it? I had to buy new glasses yesterday. Couldn't really afford those, either but I do need to see. Man, do I ever need to see! I bought some stuff at an estate sale this weekend to put on eBay to re-sell. Now that the deed is done, I've been wondering if I made the right decision, will they sell or will they not???? A couple of things are for Christmas for grandkids but other things I bought with the intention of re-selling. They aren't quite old enough to qualify as "vintage" for Etsy (1989 Turner Company Gone With the Wind dolls - still in boxes) so I will put them on eBay.

So, I guess my biggest habit that I wish I didn't have is to worry/over-analyze about things.


SkippyMom said...

If you aren't chewing with your mouth open [and we all know you aren't] what exactly is that woman's issue. Apples, [celery, carrots etc.] are made to be EATEN for godsakes.

She ought to be glad you aren't hoofing down a kitkat bar. jeesh. Some people.

The typing thing I also don't get - at all. That is your job. YOUR JOB. Jeeshus...that is just mental. People can hear you type, really - well good, because that is what you are freaking getting paid for. Ridiculous.

Sorry - people are too [weird] selfish to even begin to exist if their hang ups are typing and apple eating.

Okay, I feel better. hee, do you?

Hugs and you come to my house and type and munch away. I will just hug you and love you.

That corgi :) said...

I'm a fast typist too, comes with the job that I do, but it is sad that your immediate supervisor couldn't figure a possible solution to this "problem" instead of criticizing you like this and then causing you to feel bad and use a keyboard that is not ergonomically friendly to your hands/wrists. We who sepnd a lot of time typing do have to protect ourselves against getting carpal tunnel syndrome down the line

I'm a worrier by nature but I'm trying to let go a lot of that and trust God more

(BTW, love the Bible verse for today; a favorite of mine :)


vaspillman said...

If they'd spend more time WORKING and minding their OWN business they wouldn't have time to pay attention to your "noises". Sounds to me like people are intentionally picking on you! I would totally ignore it...say "really...guess it proves I am working!" and proceed! Type away! There is no way one keyboard can be heard above all the others around...with all those keyboards clicking away? doesn't make really does sound like you are being targeted..ugh.
Far as the apples are concerned...lets buy a bushel! lol that is really ridiculous...and proves the nit picky looking for excuses to pick on you atmosphere you are working in! ugh! Makes me want to visit and eat apples! lol Goodness! You have enough on your plate without having to deal with that kind of nonsense...really I'd ignore it completely!
Either that or change jobs to a more professional atmosphere with grown ups in charge! lol that would be my vote!

Pat said...

Yikes! I'd tell them to give you your own office and you won't bother ANYBODY with your fast typing or eating of apples!

Marla said...

If that's the worst, you are in good shape, my friend. Tell your boss to get earplugs for heavens sake. lol