Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 1 of New Challenge

A recent picture of me and 15 interesting facts.

I'm not sure I can come up with 15 interesting facts, especially ones I've never posted before. I've already posted about being ambidextrous and being able to write backwards in my Versatile Blogger Award post. I'll see what I can come up with after I locate a recent picture of me. (I don't suppose my driver's license picture counts?)

This is about as recent as I'm willing to post. It was taken in February 2009 when Shaun was on deployment and Jenny was here with Alexander. I cut them all out so it's just me in this picture. I don't look as tired in this picture so I like it.

15 interesting facts...

  1. I have three degrees and not using any of them. AAS (associate applied science) in physical therapy, BS in Computer Information Systems, and MS in management. I am a technical writer instead.
  2. I was going to join the Air Force but my parents talked me out of it and introduced me to my first husband. Big mistake there - except I got my two older kids so it was  fair trade-off.
  3. I like pink. In fact, I love pink. One year I painted our bedroom hot pink and my mom dyed white curtains a deep purple for me. I loved it. My younger sisters - probably not so much.
  4. I like purple. If in doubt, see #3 above.
  5. I hated broccoli as a kid and now it's one of my favorite vegetables. Asparagus is my favorite, though.
  6. I am totally deaf in my right ear but my left ear hears BETTER than normal. Just don't stand on my right side and talk to me.
  7. I never thought I was artistic as a child but now am beginning to think that my growth was just stunted in that area.
  8. Speaking of growth, I grew 7 inches between my 13th and 14th birthdays. Yes - really, 7 inches.
  9. I hate to do the dishes but I don't mind the laundry at all. Except, I don't (and won't) check pockets or turn things right side out - except for my own things and Ron's. Everyone else - you're on your own.
  10. I would love to be an interior decorator, or at least someone who had an unlimited budget to decorate my own home.
  11. I'm not an "outdoorsy" girl at all. I don't like to get dirty and I don't like to sweat. At. All. Ever. (That doesn't mean that I don't get dirty and I don't sweat - I just don't like it. At. All. Ever.)
  12. I have not adapted very well to being the "man" around the house. Sometimes it makes me very sad and I cry when I'm in the shower so no one but me knows (now you all know my secret).
  13. I love ice cream with hot fudge topping. Lots of it. In fact, I like a little ice cream with my topping.
  14. I talk in my sleep and if you catch it at the right time, I can carry on an intelligent conversation with you and never remember a word of it.
  15. I could have made the second half of #5 into #15, so... Asparagus is my favorite vegetable. I can eat a whole bag of it (flash frozen - microwave bag - delish!) all by myself and I really don't like to share it.
Not sure if they're all interesting, but I think most of them are at least relatively new...


colenic said...

crying in the shower is the best place to cry- no one knows about it ever and I always feel better....thanks for sharing and I LOVE your pic!!

SkippyMom said...

I am sorry about the crying in the shower, but I think you do a damn SKIPPY job of taking all tasks on. I still don't know how you do it. Honestly. [and the skippy reference has nothing to do with me, I just think it sounds correct]

You are so pretty - you ought to post more pics of yourself. I like. :)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Good picture of you! I cry, sing, shout and otherwise vent in the shower. Sometimes the dogs sit outside the door and howl with me! I planted asparagus this year. I love it roasted with a little coating of olive oil and kosher salt.

vaspillman said...

Your picture is beautiful! Thanks for posting it, now I have a lovely photo of my friend ").
Couple things I noted we have in common...the outdoor thing...I don't do outdoors very well, I get overheated easy! Must be the red hair! lol Dirty, sweaty...ugh, right there with you! And best of all, you are the only other person besides myself that can carry a conversation when you are asleep! lol Garry will talk to me, and I will answer talk back and forth, and have no ideal later..when I am awake...that we had even talked about it! I think I am probably half awake, then go to sleep, and promptly erase it from my remembrance! That's my story and I'm sticking to it! ") lol
I love reading your blog...catches me up with you two...and I get to know you better! Its awesome! Hugs to you both, V.

Kristen said...

I think you sound like a wonderful person - I am glad to know you!

Pat said...

I think it's all interesting things about you! I laughed at the ice cream and fudge topping one!

Marla said...

Sister, the more I get to know you the more I really, really like you. Great list!