Saturday, December 18, 2010

16... (now 17)

That’s the number of health conditions that Ron has (that I can count). It doesn’t include the potential “newest” conditions. His blood work indicates he has a problem with either his bone marrow or his liver. Waiting on a referral to a hematologist to find out which one has the problem, and how they’re going to address it.

I may actually be forgetting something, but here is the list off the top of my head:

Diabetic Retinopathy
Pulmonary Hypertension
Peripheral Vascular Disease
Coronary Artery Disease
Vascular Dementia
Chronic Kidney Disease
Congestive Heart Disease
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (he never smoked)
Right b/k amputation
Left transmetatarsal amputation
Peripheral neuropathy
High blood pressure
Tardive Dyskenisia
C2-C7 fusion
Arthritis (hands, knees, and shoulders)

I could also include the fact that he’s got right median and ulnar nerve problems but because he’s already got many other problems, a decompression surgery would probably not help him. He's also having hearing issues so we'll be seeing someone for that (updated 2/15/11).

He takes multiple medications:

Insulin (two types; one 3x daily and one 2x daily – large doses of each)
Benazepril (update: 2/15/11 - this has been discontinued)
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Aspirin (although this is on hold right now since his platelet count is down)
Fentanyl patches (175 mcg every three days)
Fexofenadine (generic for Allegra)

All told, he has a pretty good attitude - much better than mine sometimes.

I am going to find good things this weekend! Our granddaughter is coming over to work on her journals and cards. That will be nice. Amy, Isaiah, and I are going to go visit my mom on Wednesday. That will be nice. My sister, her daughter, and grandsons may come to our house for Christmas dinner. That will be nice. I will ship the last of my packages (and one of Amy's) today. That will be nice. I will buy the last of my Christmas gifts this weekend. That will be nice.

I will get my Christmas cards done this weekend. That, for sure, will be nice! Mailed and/or delivered on Monday. That will be nice!

I get to take my last two days of PTO on 12/22 and 12/27. That will be REALLY nice!

We will get through this, as well. That will also be nice.


caterpillar said...

You will definitely get through this...I hope Ron feels better...soon...

Pat said...

That's all I have to say is - YOU ARE AN ANGEL.

May the Lord watch over the two of you, and your large extended family, over the holidays and the coming year.

That corgi :) said...

You definitely had a good attitude about trying to make the best of things and you have some great things to look forward to in the upcoming week which is also great! I echo what Pat said in her comment!

Lots of medical conditions for sure with Ron and lots of meds too; I'm sure it is hard to keep it all straight sometimes


Kristen said...

Staying positive I see.... I get the 23rd and 27th off. Whoo Hoo.. Now, I just have to learn to relax and enjoy.... that is tough.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

My Christmas wish for you is peace, my dear friend. Let your family do things for you, ask if you have to. It is hard to let others do for you, when you are the one that holds it all together. Wish I had more than words to offer .....

ANichols.Too said...

Wow...Kudos to you guys for dealing with all you have been dealt. Glad you get teh PTO time--you deserve a little good news and the time off will be welcome, I'm sure!