Friday, December 3, 2010

Well... I think rehab was a bust

Insurance approved five days, and that's what he got. He did manage to wear his leg for parts of the day and actually walked with it. But the walking caused his LEFT leg to give him more problems so even standing now to transfer hurts worse than it did before he went in.

So much for the five weekly injections he got over the last six weeks. Yay...

I asked him what hurt the worst - his right leg where the prosthesis rubs or his left knee. He said both. That just really makes it hard for him to even move from his chair to the bed or anywhere else. But I do think that he's more open to trying to maintain his upper body strength.

His new normal seems like it's here to stay.


ANichols.Too said...

so sorry to hear that, really i am. who in their right mind would think 5 days is all it would take...that's just stupid. you both have to be about ready to just scream...and i wouldn't blame you one bit.


That corgi :) said...

sorry to hear that! I agree with the other commenter, 5 days doesn't seem like that much of time to work on issues. Its too bad the insurance wouldn't have granted more days


jojo said...

what could possibly be accomplished in five days???
Sorry it didn't work out, I hope he continues to try at home.

TinaM said...

I agree, 5 days? :(

I hope everything works out, and he keeps working on it and the upper body strength.

Good luck to you both

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Five days? Whichever suit decided that deserves painful surgery with only 5 days of therapy. Jerks.

Marla said...

The new normal. It's always there lurking in one way or another, right?

Thinking of you both today.