Monday, December 20, 2010

Are there really such things as miracles?

I used to think so. In fact, I believed that I had been the recipient of more than one. Now, I'm not so sure. I think that miracles still exist, but they're just reserved for very special people.

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes. Big. Small. Major. Minor.

Thing is, some people don't see the miracles that happen every single day around them. I can't say that I see everyday miracles. In fact, I'm one who often overlooks the everyday, ordinary, mundane pieces of life that are, in of themselves, miracles in their own right.

Does this sound contradictory? I don't think I mean for it to. Or, maybe I do... I'm not sure.

I'm not too sure about anything these days.

Except that real miracles are reserved for others.

Not me.

Not us.

Not today, not tomorrow, or even next week.

The sooner I wake up and get my head out of the clouds and out of the "wishing" for and "hoping" for and "praying" for realm and start facing reality the better off I'll be.

I guess. I don't have to like it but I do have to accept it.

Yay for me.

Our mortgage holder sent my 1/2 payment back. I'm not quite sure how to handle that except hold onto it and add the other 1/2 to it next week. That will make us still one month behind. They really don't act like they want to work with us on it so I'm not sure what our next step will be. Lovely, just lovely. Merry flippinchristmas to us.

I'll have a better attitude tomorrow. I promise. Today - I just am out of ideas. I'll sleep on it and have a better outlook tomorrow.


jojo said...

get some rest sweetpea. Praying that tomorrow will be a new and better day for you both.

SkippyMom said...

I hope you are sleeping and dreaming sweet dreams. I have been trying to catch up on your posts I missed.

I am so sorry you are feeling down but I was happy to read that you may have some family there for Christmas and you will get your PTO days so maybe you can relax a bit. I know you wanted to travel but it might be for the best to be home.

You know I am praying for you - you are the kindest, gentlest soul I know [well...don't rile you ;D] and you deserve better and easier.

I am around all week. You have my cell phone and my email. I know you are going to be busy, but if you want to talk just give me a shout.

Love you darling!

Thisisme said...

I do hope you will be feeling a bit better after you have rested, Teresa. It's amazing that you're not 'down' all the time with everything that you have to cope with there. I'm sorry that the mortgage people aren't being much help. I'm afraid that's pretty typical of those people. I do continue to pray for that miracle to happen for you. Chin up!

caterpillar said...

Hi Teresa...I hope you are feeling better now...and I hope things turn out well for you somehow....I'll pray for that miracle to find you soon...also, wanted to tell you that I've passed on the Honest Scrap award to you...

colenic said...

Hopefully, you are feeling better this morning.. I will hope and send blessings out to the universe for you to see a miracle, big or small to help renew faith...hugs and lots of love to you...

TinaM said...

I thought I was all caught up on that last one I commented on...
I'm so sorry you have all of this going on.
I really have found your faith refreshing in the past... I hope you don't loose that.
I hope you have a wonderful holiday, you and Ron.