Saturday, August 27, 2011

The shower invitations are FINISHED!

And, ready to be mailed or hand-delivered. I may need to make a few more (but they will be much simpler), but I have 26 ready to go. Someone is getting the prototype but only because I was at the end of the current list, and short one. So, off it goes. That means I don't have one for myself or one to take to work, but I'm going to keep Amy's copy for a while and take it in Monday to show the "girls" I work with (who care... hehehe - some don't and I won't punish them).

The giraffe is cut from Birthday Bash (4"), the hippo from Create a Critter (2.5" - I think), and the bottle from New Arrival (circle, shift at 1.75"). On the Birthday Bash cartridge, the giraffe has on roller skates. That just wasn't going to cut it for a baby shower, so I cut them off. I put the layers together first and then did the cuts for each giraffe one at a time. Time consuming to get the legs just how I wanted them but they look more "child like" now. One of the other cartridges I have also has a giraffe with legs that look like this, but the body was all wrong. I decided this one would be the easiest to modify.

This is Amy's copy of the card. I punched a hole into each of the registry cards and threaded a ribbon through it. Then, I put those inside the card so when the card is opened, the card can be slid out and kept for shopping purposes. The ribbon will help locate it in a wallet or purse. I added a jewel to the giraffe's neck and to the hippo's hip. The ribbon and bow finish out the additions from the prototype. Those additions really dressed the cards up.

The whole group. I decided to do the baby bottle cut-out instead of the baby shower words. I just didn't have enough time to cut those delicate letters out (twice) and affix them to the card. This was much simpler. The bottle is cut at 1.75 inches and the green circle is a 2 inch punch. The cards actually have a variety of ribbons. I had less of the green (on the card) than I thought, and we're 45 minutes away from the closest store to buy that ribbon. I had to make do with what I had in my ribbon stash so that is why there you see more than one color and style of ribbon as the decorations. But, I can truly say that the cards are one-of-a-kind (mostly). Ron wanted me to stamp each one "Limited Edition; # of 25" on the back.

I know Amy loves them. What do you think? I'd love to hear your comments.


orchid said...

Dear Teresa,
Oh, how lovely the card is♡♡♡
Wonderful invitation card with cute giraffe and hippo♬♬♬ As I can guess how busy you are, I admire your hard word for doing it!!!
Thank you for the invitation, hehe.
Of Course, I loved it☆☆☆
Hugs xoxo, Orchid.

SkippyMom said...

I bet Amy is just thrilled. As recipients of some of your gorgeous cards I can attest to the hard work and talent that go into them. Nicely done Mom and I love the theme. So cute!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Labor of love!

Bouncin' Barb said...

These are awesome. I can tell you're so excited Grandma! Hope all is well.

Pat said...

These are adorable and they look like a lot of hard work went into them!

lyndylou said...

They are lovely, what a good job you made of them :)

kneesandpaws said...

Teresa those cards are adorable! I wish I had that kind of patience. You're a very talented designer. Perhaps I should send my order in for some custom Knees and Paws thank you cards! I love what you have done and I'm sure your daughter was thrilled with this labor of love.

Kristen said...

Nothing better than something hand-made with love! Adorable!