Thursday, August 18, 2011


I'm not functioning on all cylinders yet, so when I get home from work I'm pretty bushed. I've tried to read and comment, but not spent much time working on my own blogs. I posted a BAHA update for anyone who is interested. According to the doctor, it's healing well. According to the picture I took of it, it's ugly. I mean scary ugly. He did warn me that it would not be pretty as it was healing and he was not kidding. I just feel sorry for the people who walk behind me. There's just no way for me to hide it. I am not supposed to block the air from circulating around, which is supposed to help the healing. My neck is really stiff. It's hard to find a comfortable position for it. Hopefully, this won't last much longer.

Work is going well. The stress level seems to be down. The conversation I had with my boss seems to have helped all the way around. I'm still not sure what the future holds, but for now I'm happy that I don't have to live in absolute fear each day. That by itself has helped.

Amy and Rex had their 4-D sonogram yesterday. It's pretty exciting to see a good representation of what the baby will look like. I think she's going to look like Rex with Amy's coloring (hehe - this was a joke about the coloring; one of Amy's friends posted that "she looks just like Rex but with your coloring" on Amy's FB - cracked me up). Hopefully, she'll also have Amy's eyes.

I created the baby shower invitation last weekend (the prototype) and Amy liked it, so this weekend I'll start making them for real. I am not sure, but I'm planning on at least 30. I posted a picture of the prototype on the "paper" blog, which is based on Anna's bedding.

I think they will turn out very nicely once I add the ribbon (which I forgot to buy at Michael's the other day, so I haven't made any more). On the inside, I have to put directions, the party information, and baby registry information. I think some of it may be on a tag that will just fit inside the card. That way, I can print them off on the computer and then just cut them out. We'll see.

On another note, Isaiah's school lost him on the first day of school. It all worked out well but for a good laugh go check out his blog to read how it played out.


SkippyMom said...

You can tell the color of the baby's skin from that? Weird. It looks b/w or sepia to me. Is Rex sepia toned? heehee I don't know that I would want to see so much before hand except to make sure our baby was fine. Which a normal sonogram does. [okay, I will admit it - I have a weak stomach and that picture just wigs me out. sorry]

Glad to know you are healing well - perhaps a loose head scarf would be okay? That way it can still have air circulating, but not be concerned with what other's think.

I can't wait to see the finished product on the invites. They are going to be spectacular - as all the things you do are. Such talent. :)

Hugs to you my friend.

SkippyMom said...

Oh, oops - is AMY sepia toned? giggle

lyndylou said...

I too find the 4 D pictures just a bit too revealing but glad that she looks healthy :) Glad you got things sorted out at work and that things are healing although slowly.

orchid said...
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orchid said...

Dear Teresa,
Oh,sonogram!!! Good to know that she is healthy baby through it, isn't it!!! I have no idea about baby shower, but it must be fun to get ready♡♡♡
So glad that things in your work place getting better.
Hope you feel a lot better soon.
Take Good Care of Yourself, Orchid.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I hope you're still on the mend--be sure and eat lots of protein--that helps heal things!
I couldn't bear the 3d image of my youngest--the technology wasn't around for the first two boys. Those photos creep me out. But I'm excited for your pending joy! A shower! A baby!

labbie1 said...

Totally cool that they shared the sonogram with you! They didn't do sonograms when I was pregnant because the effect on the baby was unknown at the time.

I agree with Skippymom--perhaps a sheer silk scarf that will allow air but cammoflage the healing process?

When I had surgery, though for a different thing, they said be sure to get protein (you can get it in lots of things like special K drinks, instant breakfast, etc) and take a supplement called Biotin that you can find at Wal-Mart in with the vitamins etc. The Biotin helps the body absorb and use the protein.

A bonus side effect of the Biotin is that your hair will be soft and full, your skin will be soft (even the elbows!!!!) and your nails will grow and be STRONG!!!! You will notice that in about 30-90 days. I take 1 per day. You can actually take a couple while healing though.

Glad your conversation with workers has helped take some of the pressure off there. You certainly don't need extra pressure.

Have a good one! Keep healing!

SkippyMom said...

Okay - now that my comment[s] doesn't make sense, heehee, I get the joke. Cute.

When is she due again?

Thisisme. said...

Hi Teresa. It's getting really exciting now with the new baby, and to see that lovely picture! I am so glad that at least the pressure has been taken off at work :) I hope that you will heal soon . You have been SO brave with the whole procedure my friend. Take care and sending you hugs. Oh! That card for the Baby Shower looks wonderful! I agree with the others - you really are so talented.

Silver Strands said...

hahaha! Love your comments about the ultrasound! Thinking of you a lot today, Teresa, and sending positive thoughts.