Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cricut Expression vs. Kindle DX

I want a Cricut Expression. I don't need one. I just want it. I think I can do more things with it than with the regular one. I want to do lettering and some big things (it does 12 x 12 or 12 x 24). It's also not terribly cheap but I found it for $269, which includes shipping and two cartridges.

Ron said to order it for Mother's Day. I won't. It just makes me feel good to know that I could order it if I so desire. I'm trying to pay our credit cards down, not add to them. The trip to Florida cost $996 for the tickets, $235 for the hotel, and we spent another $300 on incidentals. We got $600 from Elana toward the tickets and a $300 blessing from a friend. That still leaves about $600 that we have to pay for, so adding $269 to it is just not in the mix.

But, I'm content in the knowledge that he would like for me to have it and would like for me to order it. He doesn't need to know that I didn't and that I won't.

Until much, much later. I would prefer to spend the extra money on a Kindle DX for him. He would like the Bible downloaded and the new Kindle DX would be ideal for him. It's $489 but if each of the kids (Shaun, Amy, and Keith) each pitched in $100 and I paid the rest, that would be a great gift for him. If they thought they might spend $50 on me for Mother's Day and $50 on him for Father's Day, they could just do the entire $100 for him.

That would be way cool and I would be very happy that he had the Kindle DX. It can read to him!

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