Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day contest

I found out, quite by accident, that Amy entered me in a Mother's Day contest from Victoria's Secret. It was so nice of her. I don't expect to win, but the thought is great.

Here's the link: &pbb_qsi=12041874&=PBB_LoveYouMom_431_PPIMEMAIL">>&pbb_qsi=12041874&=PBB_LoveYouMom_431_PPIMEMAIL

If you want to go vote (voting ends tomorrow - the 7th), or just read what she wrote, that would be marvy. The comments that others have written are very nice, too.

Amy - I love you, too.


Naimah Rasheed said...

Teresa.....I VOTED FOR YA GIRL!!!!!
lololol....I hope you Win!!!


soapymomponders said...

Thanks. I didn't make the top 250, so no prizes for me. But, I've got the best kids in the world, so that's a pretty special prize already.