Saturday, March 29, 2008

2 pounds up

Weight truly does fluctuate every day but it's still a bit stressfull to watch Ron's weight go back up two pounds. If it's more than three in one day or five in a week we have to call the doctor. Tomorrow if he's up any then I need to just go ahead and make the call, even though it will be Sunday. Increasing his Lasix at home is much better than being put back in the hospital.

The cough is better today. He's only had one dose of the cough medicine. I had to give him a couple of extra pain pills today though. He says he's better tonight.

My step-son, Tim, came over today and is working on burying our drain pipes and running the drain out to the edge of the yard. He got one finished and will do another one tomorrow or the next day. We're not sure how we're going to do the front drains since we can't very well take it to the end of the yard in front because of the sidewalk. He's also putting a patio under our deck. Isaiah will be able to have his cars and trucks there and we can actually put a small patio set there. It will be nice to be able to sit there and watch Isaiah in the yard.

We have had people from church bring us dinner the past few nights. Today's dinner was wonderful - roast, cheesey mashed potatoes, broccoli/cauliflower for dinner and a sugar-free cheesecake with sugar-free topping (with fruit). It was wonderful! It was nice to not have to worry about getting dinner today and I could concentrate on catching up on the things I didn't get done this week with Ron in the hospital. Amy doesn't cook and I just haven't had time to cook so it's been a real blessing.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to go to church. I haven't been in a month since I've been taking care of Ron. He said he'd like to try and go but I still think it's too early for him to get out, except for when it's necessary. He's supposed to keep his foot elevated and there's no way to really do that at church. Plus, there's a dinner afterwards and I don't want him to have to spend that time in his scooter. If he's not feeling well in the morning then I'll probably stay home with him again - one more week.

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