Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's IV time again...

Bummer. Although the 'tuh' looks better, the doctor says it's too early to stop the antibiotics. Ron's foot smelled horrible today, almost like something had died. He said he'd been smelling himself for a couple of days but because he can't just jump in the shower without me going through a convoluted setup to get him in, he actually thought he just needed a shower.

Ron cleaned up as best he could while I was at work today, but still thought the funk was coming from body odor he couldn't get to with just a wash cloth. It wasn't until we got into the doctor's office and they unwrapped his foot that we realized the smell was coming from there.

Dr. Heady wasn't concerned at all and said that sometimes wound vac areas would develop a funky smell. He cleaned it up, cut off some more dead tissue, and made the wound bleed a lot. He said the bone is no longer visible and he sees some granulation taking place.

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