Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Semi-nervous breakdown

I think Amy thought I'd totally lost it and was having a nervous breakdown yesterday. LOL, I'm not so sure I didn't think so. I have to admit that yesterday was probably the worst day of this whole ordeal. I barely got through it but by the grace of God, and lots of prayers, I made it.

Today I got an email from a local hotel "confirming" my reservation for Friday night. I knew "I" didn't make a hotel reservation for myself and I knew that Ron didn't make a hotel reservation for me (he wouldn't have the foggiest notion how to), so I knew it had to be Amy.

I sent her a note and said I hoped that she had a good time with Isaiah on Friday night at the hotel. She said that I was going. I certainly don't see how since we have IVs to deal with (maybe, maybe not by then). She said I had plenty of time to teach her how to do it (but she didn't watch tonight). I said I didn't know what I would do with myself with no interruptions. She said I should take some entertainment.

A few minutes later I got a cancellation notice from the hotel. I figured she listened to me and decided that I wasn't going. Sounds good to me.

She sent me a note and asked if I got the cancellation; I said yes, she said change of plans. I was going to a different hotel. I asked where; she wouldn't say but said I had to be there by 6:00 PM. I "have" to be the one who goes because they don't let little kids in there.

She never would tell me where I'm supposed to go but I have a guess. She finally told me about some near-by places to eat and I looked on a map to see what hotels are close. I've been accused of being psychic because I figure stuff out easily and I've known things she's planned for me before they happen - plus I guessed a gift just by looking at the wrapped box.

So she said, "well psycho mama, where are you going?" I told her The Castle at Riverside. I'm not sure that is the location but it fits the bill. It's near the eateries she mentioned, there are stairs (she asked me how I felt about stairs), and there are in-room jacuzzi tubs. I think the rooms are pretty expensive and even though she wants to treat me, I'm not sure she'd spring for this much money. But, she did tell me it was 29 minutes from home to this hotel. I did a mapquest and came up with 26 minutes so I'm at least close to the vicinity of this hotel.

She said she'd email me the driving directions at 5:00 on Friday. I'm supposed to take my overnight bag with me to work Friday since I won't have time to get home and back there before work.

We shall see what transpires...

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