Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday update

Ron was down four pounds this morning. That’s a great improvement over yesterday. He’s not as short of breath today but still has a terrible cough. The home health nurse says his foot looks much better than when she saw it last (she hasn’t seen him for a full week). His fasting sugar this morning was 127, so that was good. He said he had a low blood sugar during the night but he didn’t want to wake me. He totally soaked the bed with sweat so I was stripping the bed and doing laundry this morning. I didn’t have time to throw it in the dryer before I left so I’ll have to do that first thing when I get home.

I fixed Ron two scrambled eggs (no milk, just a little added shredded cheese), two strips of bacon, and two pieces of whole grain toast. He ate both pieces of bacon and a little over half of the remainder. At least I did manage to get some food in him before I left.

I told him to eat the vegetables and fruit I prepared for him for lunch and snacks today. He says he doesn’t have much of an appetite so he’s not too tempted to eat something other than what I said he could eat.

The main thing he’s having problems with is restricting his fluids. He’s on 64 ounces per day. He is supposed to have no more than 32 ounces between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm. The remainder of his fluids has to last until 7:00 am the next day. I know he went over yesterday by 10-12 ounces because he had a Fresca and didn’t subtract that amount from his water bottle. This morning he had six ounces of milk and eight ounces of tea so I left him only two other 16 ounce bottles of water and one bottle with eight ounces. That leaves him a cushion of 10 more ounces after I get home and through the night.

Even though things are rough right now with him, I’m still very thankful that our life isn’t more complicated. I’ve been reading other blogs and I’m amazed at what people are currently going through. My heart goes out to everyone who is affected by the tragedies going on in the lives of others. May God bless them and give them peace.

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