Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shopping at Kohl's

Ron needed some jogging pants that zipped up the leg so it would be easy to get on and off over the bulky wound vac. He decided that me looking at Kohl’s would be the best place to start. So after I picked up Isaiah last night I left the two of them in the car and went inside to see what I could find. Nike and Addidas had theirs buy one pair at regular price ($35), get the 2nd free. Tek (or something like that) had theirs 50% off; Regular $25.00 Sale $12.50 each. I found three pair in his size so I grabbed them up.

I took them to the cash register. Cashier rings up first pair of pants. I notice the screen says “buy one; get one free” and the price of $25.00. Now this would be OK for the first two as I’d end up paying $12.50 each but the third pair I’d pay the full $25.00 so I told the cashier they were 50% off, not buy one, get one free. Here’s how the conversation went from there:

Cashier: They’re ringing up Buy One, Get One Free.
Me: I realize what they’re ringing up, but the sign says they’re 50% off, making them $12.50 each. The buy one, get one free would work for the first two pair but not for the last one.
Cashier: Do you want to go get a 4th pair since they’re buy one, get one free?
Me: No, they only had three different colors in the size I needed and the sign says they’re 50% off.
Cashier: What sign?
Me: The one above the pants. I’ll show you. (We both go over to the pants and I show her the 50% off sign)
(Back to the register)
Cashier: I can’t change what is on the screen but I can take 50% off the other pants. (At this point she takes a calculator and figures out what 50% of $25.00 would be.)
Me: That will be fine.
(Total shows on the screen $37.50 plus tax, which is what it should be.)
Cashier: Does that look right?
Me: Yes (as I swipe my card).
Me: What do I need to push for credit?
Cashier: Just a second. (She does something on the register) Does that look right?
Me: Not exactly. My total should be $37.50 plus tax and not $25.00 plus tax. I bought three pair of pants at 50% off, making them $12.50 each. $12.50 x 3 = $37.50. I don’t want to steal a pair of pants.
Cashier (looking confused, by the way): You’re not stealing them. The sign was wrong. They’re buy one, get one free (holds up two pair). Since the sign said 50% off, I gave you 50% of the 3rd pair (holds up last pair) and the one pair you’re paying full price for (holds up one of the original pair). I can’t give you 50% off the free pair since it’s already free. (Now she’s looking at me like I’m incredibly dense and stupid.)
Me: But I should pay 50% off on three pair, not two.
Cashier: I can’t add money back onto the register (as she’s looking for someone to help her). The cash register is correct. You’re getting one pair free because that’s what they’re supposed to be and getting two pair at 50% off because that’s what the sign says. I’m going to have someone change that sign. (At this point she’s exasperated and just wants me out of her register line.)
Me: OK, but I still think my total should be $37.50 plus tax.
Cashier: No, it’s correct. Have a nice day.

I cave and leave but I feel like I should call Kohl’s and tell them I think I stole a pair of pants and try to go back in to pay them.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! This girl needs more training. We had something like that happen to us the other day too but at Kay Jewelers. We had to take my ring in to get fixed the band snapped they said they could heat the gold back together but it would be better to put a bridge in the band so it didn't break again but it would cost us $200. Being that the ring was so important to me we decided to do it. When they called to tell us the ring was ready we went to pick it up and they charged us just $20. When I mentioned that they must have left off a 0 the woman said no the paper work is correct its just $20 she would not listen that she just gave me free gold.