Friday, March 7, 2008

Blood pressure woes

The kidney specialist changed most of Ron's medication while he was in the hospital. His blood pressure medication (Vasotec 20 mg, AM and PM) had been keeping his blood pressure in a normal range. I don't know why the doctor changed it but maybe it had something to do with the effects on the kidneys. The last time Ron was in kidney failure (Oct, 2006) he was on Coreg and the kidney doctor yanked him off of that very rapidly. Maybe there's some concern about the Vasotec, too.

Now he's on Norvasc 5 mg in the morning. That's not keeping his blood pressure down. The lower number is still in the 68 - 85 range so the on-call doctor (our doctor's office was closed by the time I could get them called) said that unless it goes over 110 then to just check with the kidney doctor on Monday. Ron's appointment for his kidneys isn't until the 14th.

Ron's also has a lot of shortness of breath and I'm more concerned now that he may be having an episode of CHF. If he's not better by the morning then I'll be calling the doctor's office and seeing if there is someone who can see him tomorrow. Although our doctor isn't on call this weekend, someone will be in the office and since it's "immediate care" then we can take him in.

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