Thursday, April 29, 2010

If I thought my schedule was hectic before -

I was just fooling myself.

Monday, 5/3 - two appointments
Thursday, 5/6 - two appointments
Monday, 5/10 - three appointments
Thursday, 5/13 - two appointments

Those are for wound care and lymphedema - luckily at the same place. The day of the third appointment is for the surgeon - same place, but in the morning as opposed to afternoon, which is when the other two are.

Makes for an interesting month. Thursday, 5/27 we also have two afternoon appointments and I'm sure there will be some other stuff between 5/13 and 5/27. The IV infusions will start sometime in the next couple of weeks. They should be short appointments but still a time consumer because of the location.

We got the new medication and was I ever surprised. To clarify, I'm not complaining because we have really good insurance. But, I was expecting a bill about 1/4 the size that it was. $25 for the Vitamin D (I've bought those before) and $5 for the new water pill. I was not expecting $68 for the 30 day supply of the special calcium that insurance won't pay for. Holy moly! My $30 subtraction out of my checkbook became a $97 subtraction. Ouch ouch ouch! Our already stretched medical budget is going to scream at this $100 monthly addition. On top of that, the temporary crown that Ron had put on his tooth lasted about 2 days and it broke off, and took the filling with it. The fix is about $1200, of which we are short about $1200. Weighing the options - $10 to pull it or $1200 to fix it - I think we're going with the $10 option. Just as soon as I can find the open time to get him him. I'm not sure but I think June might be looking better.

That's if there's no surgery happening in June. Dr. K is supposed to decide on 5/10 if he thinks more surgery will be needed.

On a funny note...
We took Isaiah we us on Tuesday to see Dr. Moussa. I had told him that he needed to be really quiet because Dr. Moussa was really busy and he would be trying to talk to Grandpa and I. I asked Isaiah if he heard me and I got back was some whispering. I told him that he had to speak up because I couldn't hear. He said he was practicing for the "quiet doctor" so he didn't get mad at him. LOL! When we got there, he said, "Is Moose doctor going to tell me to be quiet?"


Kathy's Klothesline said...

I am just hanging in the sidelines cheering you on. Don't forget to take care of you! RX prices are getting more and more out of hand. I don't think the health care plan is going to benefit many of us!

SkippyMom said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Kathy - make sure you get a block of time to yourself [easier said than done, I know, but very hard to do] and as impressive as is it is to look at - your appointment schedule wears ME down looking at it. LOL - you shouldn't do that to yourself - you will be tired before the day even begins [thank goodness it is all in one place tho' - whew! that helps a teensy bit]

I really wish you had someone to help you tho'. But know that you are in our thoughts and prayers that you get a little down time soon. We'll be thinking of you.

Love & hugs!

Pat said...

New crown 1200 bucks? Take him to burger king - don't they give out paper ones? Yikes! Pulling does sound better. Better yet - you've got a pair of pliers lying around, don't you? Yank that bad boy out AND get rid of some of your frustrations!

(I'm not trying to make light of your financial woes - but using a little humor might help!)