Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where are Bob and Jillian when you need them?

Like a lot of people, I've been watching The Biggest Loser. I really like that show. This is only the 2nd season that I've watched. I didn't really watch more than an episode or two of any of the previous seasons. Last year, I really got interested in some of the contestants (especially Shay and Abby) and cheered for their successes and hoped for them to overcome their hurdles.

This year, I am really drawn to several of the contestants. Two have already gone home (Cheryl and Sherry) and I am really cheering for O'Neal and Sunshine. And - for Victoria, who just got her chance this week. I hope she can stay for a while. She's done great on her own but having Bob and Jillian there will really help. Her mother was so compelling, asking - no, really begging - the other contestants to vote her in. She had my vote from the minute Ali said the existing contestants would vote for one of the outcasts to come back.

Now, I wish I had someone like that at my house to cheer me on. I bought a Pilates PowerGym last summer and then LeCole and the kids moved in. I had no place to put it because the room it was going into was the room they moved into. When they left, I just didn't get it going again. Now, with Amy getting married (we're going to Jamaica), I'm back in the mood to get this excess weight off and get into shape.

I'd like to be 30-40 pounds lighter by September. Even 20 would thrill me. So, this morning I started working on the machine. I am very sore. Very. V.e.r.y. S.o.r.e. I worked for only about 5 minutes this morning but I was able to go for about 10 minutes this evening. Now, I wish I had this morning's soreness instead of tonight's soreness. Those gals make it look so easy on the video. Yeah, right - it's sooooo easy!

I also bought a Wii game called "Just Dance." I can't even do the novice moves. A dancer I'm not. Never have been able to display any rhythm of any kind. It's funny to watch me try, though - but don't count on getting the opportunity. LOL - these dance moves are for me and me alone to witness. Well, Ron gets to watch, too. We had a good laugh yesterday morning at my lack of coordination.

Tomorrow, I'll work on the machine again. I might take my blood sugar first, though. This morning, I thought I'd really worked up a sweat but come to find out, I was having a low blood sugar instead. Tomorrow, I'll be a little bit more prepared - and do it a bit smarter - to do my exercise.


Rae said...

Just don't give up. Eventually it will be easy and you will be so glad you stuck with it. Good luck in your endeavor.

Nancy said...

I would love to have a Pilates PowerGym. We have a whole exercise room in storage in Minnesota. It looks like we can move it soon, however. I think this would be a nice addition to the room. (I love working out at home.) Good luck with the weight loss and so glad to hear about the trip to Jamaica.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

A trip to Jamaica is all the mitivation I would need! Sticking to a program is hard, though, I tend to get all my exercise mowing and gardening. That means I tend to spread a little in winter......

Pat said...

Hey - good luck! I could lose well over 50 pounds! I'd like a Wii and I'd love to try that dance one. I, too, am uncoordinated and it would be a stitch to watch me try THAT one! LOL!

For me, any diet starts with a good frame of mind. That is HALF the battle. Then I look at it in little increments. I celebrate each MEAL that I don't cheat. Then it gets to each DAY. Baby steps, you know?