Friday, April 23, 2010

Product Placement

Have you ever noticed product placement so conveniently present in different television shows? The one that is the most obvious is The Biggest Loser. Not only do they tout their own products but they also very conveniently "just" happen to have something in the kitchen that will make the lives of the contestants so much easier.

It totally cracks me up when they take a contestant aside and have him/her learn about either a product for portion control (like the double-lock Ziploc bags) or - and my personal favorite - a product they can eat to help them lose/maintain weight. Come on... Surely these folks don't all LOVE the taste of some of these things on the first try. The Bran cereal? It's not bad, but the first time I ate it I definitely knew it was a taste I'd have to get used to.

Wonder how many "takes" it takes them to get a contestant who can actually swallow the item without making a face that implies the stuff tastes like crap? What if they truly don't like it? LOL - swap out the contestants until they find one that can keep a straight face and not blurt out, "Holy crap! This stuff is nasty!!!"

I bet that protein drink that Jill and Bob push is just one such product. Now, if they wanted to send me some for free to try out, I'd be glad to be a tester for them.

As if...


Rae said...

I've noticed the same thing in other TV shows and how certain ads with related products just happen to run during the show airing.
The testers must get some benefit out of touting the product. I can't imagine subjecting one's self to some of that stuff without a reward of some type.

Marla said...

I wish Jillian would show up at my house and run my butt off. Somebody needs to.