Saturday, June 26, 2010

24 hours post-op

I have to say this surgery was much easier on BOTH of us! Ron did bleed, but not any more that what would be considered a normal amount. They ended up keeping him at the hospital until 6:00 PM on Thursday, so I think that may have helped in the bleeding. His foot was elevated for several more hours than it had been last month and I think that helped.

I was also more mentally prepared for what I'd see when I took the dressing off. I knew the "small" amount of packing they put in would actually be closer to several feet long. I didn't measure, but I'm comfortable with the estimate of about 3 ft in length, and the width was probably 1-1.5 inches. Instead of making a Dakins solution and packing the wound with Dakins-soaked 4x4s, they just had be get Epsom salts and he'll soak once a day for 10 minutes. The first soak was last night and his foot bled quite a bit in the water. Maybe he won't do that so much here on out.

Even though he did not lose nearly as much blood this time, he was still wiped out and slept most of yesterday, all night, and a great deal of today. Hopefully, he's back to his normal self today.

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