Thursday, June 24, 2010

Surgery today

It is now 2:50 Central time (when I started this). The doctor came out at 1:15 to tell me that surgery went well and he was able to save Ron's foot. Said he did remove a small portion of bone but he also found some healthy tissue down in there. Said they'd keep him here until they were sure he was not going to bleed like he did last month. If the bleeding does not stop or slow down enough, they will keep him overnight. They finally told me at 3:00 that he was back in his room. I found him sitting in a recliner, eating some lunch, and watching CNN. I guess he's been in the room for about an hour or so.

Ron said they told him he was going home at 4:00. Not if he's still bleeding, he's not! His dressing is not completely saturated, but I see "red" down a few layers. They will have to change the dressing, or at least add to it, and put his foot DOWN to see how it does. Last time, it didn't really start bleeding until they put his foot down. As long as it's elevated, he's fine. Bleeding all over didn't start last time until they tried to get him out to go. We shall see... I'm not pussy-footing around this time. I know what I went through last month and how many days he spent in bed because of bleeding.

No more Mrs. Nice Gal!


SkippyMom said...

Make them keep him there Teresa - make them understand how bad it bleeds when you put it down. Please.

I am so happy that they found good bone and his foot is safe - great news.

Hugs to you both. Now both of you get some rest! :)

Silver Strands said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Teresa .. I just read your most recent post and scrolled through other parts of your blog and am really inspired by you! My WORD! you have your hands full!!!

I'll be following you now so I can keep track ... God bless you.

Pat said...

I'm catching up with some of the blogs I follow, so I'm just reading about Ron's surgery. Glad it went well. Hope his foot isn't bleeding. You fight for him, girlie!

Donna B said...

GO FOR IT Girl!! You've learned so much and become so much stronger being the incredible care giver you are!