Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just Pictures

We ate at Mel's Hard Luck Diner on Sunday afternoon. All of the wait staff are singers and in between delivering and taking orders, they sing. I happened to see the advertisement for it on Saturday and then decided that I wanted to eat there. Matt Kester, who was a Season 4 Idol contestant (in the top 44), works there and sings Gospel music there at the diner. He sang Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone - AND he ended up being our waiter. You can see a clip at Branson Visitor TV.

The food was amazing there. We each left about 1/2 of our meals (we'd have shared except we wanted different things). Ron had too much sodium, but since it was something "special" instead of an everyday thing, I let him have it. "It" was a foot-long hot dog with chili, onions, and cheese. This is what was left behind:

I should have taken a picture of mine, but I did not. It was a "Philly" Cheesesteak Sandwich, but that's not what they called it. I don't know how much meat was on it, but I'm guessing it had at least 8 ounces of roast beef, mushrooms, onions, and peppers - and cheese - all on a toasted sourdough bun. Oh. My. Goodness. It was phenomenal. I left fully half of it. I ate as much of the meat as I could, choosing it over the bread. But, the bread was really, really good.

We also ate at Lambert's, which bills itself as the "Home of the throwed rolls." The rolls are marvelous! When you order, you need to take into consideration that not only will you get your meal, you'll also get the "free pass arounds," which are fried potatoes, black-eyed peas, fried okra, tomatoes and macaroni, and don't forget those rolls - plus sorghum to go on them if you want. Ron ordered the small chicken fried steak (an 11 ounce portion), which came with mashed potatoes and two sides. He chose cottage cheese and white beans.

I ordered the chicken and dumplings, with baby carrots and fried apples. Of course, neither of us could finish those meals, either.

Are you hungry yet? I have one more picture. It came from the restaurant next to the IMAX theater.

We did share this.


Kathy said...

I am sure a lot of people will be drooling over those pictures. I'm a vegetarian, but if that last one is a cinnamon roll......I'm in!

Wallene said...

Oh, the food. The foooooooood! Nice pics! The chicken and dumplings are my fav' - I love the dumpling dough strips instead of the fluffy round dumplings - oh and carrots and apples. Mmmmmm. I have never been a fan of chicken fried steak, but will happily eat anything else on Ron's plate, hee!

I love food pics - I spend a lot of my day perusing foodie blogs looking at the food porn. giggle - so thank you so much for sharing! If I ever make it to Branson I am SO going to Lamberts.

[Now I want to make Chicken and Dumplings lol watch me - I will.]

Hope you have a great day - Glad to see Ron is recovering and relaxing - are you though? Take it easy, okay? ~SkippyMom~

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Looks and sounds yummy! We never get to eat out during the season unless we go one at a time and I don't like to eat alone, so.....

Pat said...

I LOVE Lambert's. But I could NEVER catch a dang roll if my life DEPENDED upon it!