Tuesday, June 22, 2010

July 4th weekend

I want to have a July 4th celebration at our house that will be very memorable for Ron. His remaining sister (Wydonna), who  lives in Tennessee, fell in a rest stop a few weeks ago and broke her knee (not sure which knee); she’s 73 and doesn’t think that her doctor will let her travel next weekend. Her daughter lives in Arkansas, his deceased sister’s (Vicki) girls live in Indiana and Florida. I’ve invited them all here as a surprise family reunion of sorts. I told them that he’s doing fairly well right now, but that the doctor has said he’ll need his leg (mid-calf) amputated sometime within the next two years because of the bone infection and the break-down in the structure. Every time they remove diseased tissue and bone, it creates a less stable platform for him. I said that he’s having surgery this week and with the advancement of the Parkinson’s and vascular changes in his brain, that this summer might be a good time for them to all visit.

So, Vicki’s girls (Elana and Dana) are coming for sure. Dana is leaving Indiana on July 1 and Lonnie (that’s her nickname) is leaving Florida this coming Sunday after church. She’s got four kids but she’s only bringing three because the oldest just got a job (he graduated this year); she’s a widow so there’s no husband to bring. Dana has two kids and a spouse, but the spouse is supposed to be getting a job so he may not be here. I said we have no furniture but they’re welcome to use air beds on the floors downstairs and there’s a private bathroom they can all share. Not sure I have enough towels and wash cloths for them for showers though. LOL – may have to borrow from Amy. Dana’s kids are Jennifer (Keith’s age – maybe a year younger) and James (I think he’s 15).
Lonnie will be bringing Hotchie (that’s his nickname – his real name is Anthony; he was named after his dad), Joey (he’s a cutie and I think he’s about 9 or 10) and her only girl, Elexis (Lexie). She just turned 6 and since Vicki died, I’m supposed to be her godmother. I'm not doing a very good job of it, though.

Wydonna’s daughter (Kathy) let me know they will try but not sure if they can or not. They have a son who lives with them (another James) but he’s over 21 so maybe he wouldn’t come. Their daughter, Randi, actually lives with Wydonna with her boyfriend (Byron) and her two kids from 1st marriage (Austin and Jason). The boys are visiting their father this month so not sure if Randi and Byron will come. Wydonna also has a mentally challenged adult son (Bobby) who lives with them. He’s in his 50s and he’s who they discovered PKU on – he was perfectly fine until he was 2. Bobby is a sweetie and has had a crush on Amy for as long as he’s known her. He used to follow her around with a camera and take her picture.

Confused yet? It will be a madhouse. I let Stacey (step-daughter) know about it Sunday, Amy and Keith know; now I just have to let Tim know. Ron, without even realizing that we were having a big family thing, invited his ex-wife and her husband over, so that's really quite funny. Stacey is taking the whole week off next week so she can come get Lonnie’s kids and take them to her house to swim (depending on when they get here). I don’t have a bed any longer for Wydonna and Don but they could sleep in our bed – Ron in his chair and me on the sofa. Bob could sleep on the futon. We can make it work.

Lonnie said she’d buy groceries for her clan and she’d make sure Dana bought for hers. So, I just have to make sure I have enough for the rest of the crowd. We’ll do hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill on the 4th. Amy and Rex will be in western Kansas but Amy said she’d come down on Friday (Rex has to work) to see everyone. Dana won’t be there yet but Lonnie will.

Next week will be a freaking zoo at my house – and poor Ron doesn’t know about any of it yet. I keep almost blowing it by saying stuff about getting this or getting that or whatever.

It should be fun. I actually can't wait to see everyone - all the noise included.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

You are a brave woman! Just remember that it will allwork out fine in the end. Chaos is fun and it will make a great memory.

Donna B said...

As crazy and overwhelming as family can be... there is nothing better. Well, maybe the nap after everyone leaves. Hugs to you my friend!

Pat said...

Yes it will be chaotic, but fun, too! As my mother-in-law said to me once when we visited when our kids were little, "I'm happy to see you come, but I'm happy to see you go, too!" Ha ha!