Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Doctor visit update

Doc was actually quite happy with how Ron's foot looked this morning. He said the discoloration was mostly due to the extensive work he did inside and not because the foot is more damaged. He said that he had taken out two more bones (more fragments - partial bones) and one near the little toe. So, the foot structure is what it is.

He said that barring any complications, once the incision heals (which he thinks it will but may need one more debridement) that Ron can walk. But... big but here... He said that if Ron cannot walk now with his brace then he'll not be able to walk once the incision heals. He said that the foot is as good as it will ever get. Without the bone structure inside, if Ron is unable to be steady with his brace and his shoe, then he'll not get any steadier and we might as well seriously just look at moving ahead with the amputation.

I don't want to do that but if it means walking again or not walking again, then I'm game. But, it's really Ron's decision - not mine - to make. He's considering it. Doc said he'd be one week in hospital and two - three weeks in rehab. While in rehab, they'd teach him how to transfer, put on the prosthesis, and do as much care for himself as he can. With his other limitations, I'm not sure how much self-care he can do.

He  goes back on July 9 for a follow-up.

Thanks for the prayers!

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